Friday, August 8, 2014

for those who understand Spanish and like to torment themselves... is the radio interview of Francis by Joaquin Giangreco

the interview with Joaquin Giangreco

the Argentinian television coverage 
(interview starts at 1 hour 4 minutes)

English commentary

Remember back on 17 September 2013 when Francis made this cell phone video for the same parish in Campo Gallo?

for more on Giangreco & Francis


  1. Y los que hablan español y se quieren torturar de verdad con la agenda diabólica que promueve en realidad el antipapa Francisco miren estos dos videos.

  2. Dear Call Me Jorge. Thank you for posting these videos. I have commented on the "interview" on my blog:

    It really wasn't much of an "interview". bergoglio mostly read from a text. It was the usual "ecumenical" mixture of protestant and catholic-lite statements that we have by now (sadly) become used to....

    I don't think that even a bolt of lightning from the sky could convert bergoglio. He is hopeless.

    And even if he were to convert to Catholicism, he would be no St. Paul.

    The best that we could hope for is that he would come to his senses and realize that he is just totally unfit to be the pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. And then just fade into obscurity....

    1. Our favorite quote because it demonstrates how crazy the man is was this gem by Francis, "Si el 666 es el anticrsito, el 999 nos lleva a Jesús" or in English, "If 666 is the antichrist, then 999 leads us to Jesus" And he wasn't joking when he said that!

  3. El grupo indígena de Argentina que Jorge Bergoglio le ha dado su apoyo no solo promueve la homosexualidad sino que además promueve el cambio de sexo en niños menores de 3 year como lo hacían los paganos en la antigüedad que prostituían y mutilaban a sus hijos para el propósito de sodomía como lo denuncia San Justino. Miren este video de ese grupo perveso que promueve la sodomía,
    Estos son los abominables frutos de la agenda diabólica de Bergoglio la comunión de los apostatas