Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Francis contra Francis : the Internet

Leave it to the modernist Francis to send conflicting and confusing messages to his Novus Ordo church.  Two months ago, the Internet was a gift from God but two days ago it was a time waster!  Could Francis please make up his mind.  Which one is it Francis?  It cannot be both.  Francis conveniently forgets he and his pro-sodomy PR team are the biggest users of social media as they create content for the Internet 24/7.  All this leads us to this simple question, "Is there anyone driving the bus over at the Vatican?"

The Internet is a gift from God!

It's a gift!

It's a blessing for communication!

The Internet is a time waster!

Don't waste time chatting on Internet!

Don't waste time on Internet!

Who's numero uno (#1) on the Internet?

Of course it's humble Francis!


  1. Personally I am truly grateful to God for the internet, which I believe may be the fulfillment of the prophecy out of Scripture that "knowledge will be increased" in the end times. God in His Mercy has given us the means by the internet in our own homes to still recognize, be able to educate ourselves, etc. what the apostolic Faith IS, and also to be able to educate ourselves to figure out what it is NOT.

    Obviously there are many BAD things on the internet, and chat groups CAN be a great waste of time - this is one thing I actually agree with Bergoglio about (even a pig can root out a truffle once in a while). But I have been - to quote some of my little heretic evangelical friends - 'blessed' by the net by being able to use it as a tool to grow in my Catholic Faith. So until the PTB shut down the truth I am grateful to Almighty God that He has given us this means to figure out what is going on in the Church and the world.

  2. He just says whatever pops into his head at the time and the media takes it as gospel.

  3. No wonder the liberal modernist church has neither credibility nor social capital left and people are abandoning it in their tens of thousands. Sensible, I say; become truly traditional and wash modernism and the posr-conciliar mess off of your feet.

    1. exactly - they need to embrace what Popes Pius II condemned in Exsecrabilis about anathemaeing any future council that was called to overturn previously defined Church dogma, which is ALL Vatican II did; and Cum EX Apostolatus of Paul IV (Paul VI's number the opposite/inversion of his and I don't think that was a coincidence either) condemning and anathemaing anyone elected to the Chair, even unanamiously, if they had previously held some heresy, which is pretty easily demonstrable with these men. We have two REAL popes commanding the flock to do what sedevacantists are doing - and for that Sedevacantists are being blasted.

      I recently read a blog post on that mundabor guy's site; and while I agree with a lot of what he says, he was taking pot shots at Fr. Luigi Villa's writings in Chiesa Viva. That really makes me call into question what mundabor's purpose is. Is he false opposition? Really - when Villa was given that vocation by Padre Pio himself, who told him God chose Villa to expose the masons in the clergy, who he said had already gotten into the papal shoes - when Pio said that, who was there already? Roncalli? Montini? The lady commenting in his blog post

      said when mundabor was lamenting a potential sodomite being elected after Berg to the chair (and who's to say Berg isn't one the way he's held hands and acted huggy kissy with the known ones in the apostate clerics), that Fr. Villa already said there had been one - we ALL KNOW she was referring to Montini, as Papal Imposters pointed out - the actor who played Audrey Hepburn's hairdresser in Roman Holiday (and one can draw all kinds of allusions about the filmmaker casting that guy in a film with that title when they knew the man the judaeo masons had undoubtedly hand picked to "sit in the temple of God as though he were God, changing all laws" Montini) was purportedly Montini's homosexual lover. The entire point of Villa's book on Montini was to attempt to prevent the false canonization of a known homosexual usurper of the chair (oh, by the way, the "not having the desire of women" as the scripture says is one aspect of the Antichrist proper is another way Montini fulfilled that prophecy).

      Surely Mundabor knows that Villa would have been mortally sinfully guilty of calumny, slander and bearing false witness against Montini if he didn't have the "goods" on him, and it was undoubtedly true. But Mundabor shoots down Villa's book and calls it something like "rumor" and he doesn't tend to believe "rumors." Well, Mundabor had either quit being a naive ostrich or quit accusing Villa of being a big fat calumniating liar, which is essentially what he did here by saying such bullpucky about the saintly heroic Fr. Villa who certainly deserves canonization head and shoulders above the founder of Opus Dei, Mother Theresa (whose nuns regularly allow the Indian children in their orphanages to stay Hindis, etc and even give them hindu burials). and Roncalli and Wojtyla. Good grief.

  4. Dear Call Me Jorge. FYI. I have fired up my blog because I found myself commenting on many websites and felt the need to have those thoughts gathered together in one place. Here is the link.

    I am making my posts shorter and more like comments that would go in a combox rather than full length articles. Partly this is in order to keep up with bergoglio. Who has time to write full articles to document each and everyone of his heretical acts and statements?

    Anyway, I just spotted an interview with Matteo Calisi on Zenit. For some reason he has finally chosen to emerge from the shadows. Since we are both familiar with his history, it is quite apparent that this interview is a propaganda attempt at spinning his true official Vatican role in spreading the "catholic charismatic renewal" with the initial support of Cardinal Suenens and the blessing of all of the post Vatican II popes. The interview is here:

    Coincidentally I had recently published an article titled "spiritual ecumenism?" which touches on some of the same themes that Calisi discusses in the interview. Here is the link to my article.

  5. Please take a look I don't have the information in English but you can find out more of this and made a new article Thanks

    Francis rehabilitates an heretic priest Miguel D'Escoto who worship the goddess earth and serves the gay lobby
    I don't have the time or energy to do the traslation in English
    Please use Google Translate

    En el 2008 el sacerdote suspendido por el Papa Juan Pablo II y ex canciller sandinista Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, fue elegido por aclamación presidente de la Asamblea General de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU). Es miembro del Consejo Mundial de Iglesias.
    Miguel D'Escoto presidente de la Asamblea General de la ONU, fue el encargado de condecorar a Morales en un evento realizado en el Palacio Quemado, en la ciudad de la Paz (Bolivia) sede del gobierno de esa nación en Agosto del 2009.
    El reconocimiento se hizo en honor a la firme postura del jefe de Estado boliviano en defensa del medio ambiente y la Madre Tierra (Pachamama) y a su esfuerzo para que, el pasado 22 de abril, la ONU instituyera esa fecha como "Día Internacional de la Madre Tierra".
    "Ha sido el hecho de que nuestro hermano el Presidente Evo Morales Ayma haya llegado a la presidencia de Bolivia y el estar en ese lugar ha permitido que los valores de nuestro pueblo originarios sean expresados a través de él", remarcó D'Escoto al entregarle una medalla y un pergamino que testimonia el nombramiento. ONU declara a Evo Morales defensor mundial de la ''diosa'' Madre Tierra.
    Miguel D' Escoto,secretario general de la ONU declaró a Evo Morales como Héroe Mundial de la Madre Tierra.
    Añadió que insistirá para lograr que la comunidad internacional reconozca los derechos de la Madre Tierra.
    Además de Morales, el líder cubano Fidel Castro ha sido nombrado "héroe mundial de la solidaridad" y el fallecido ex presidente de Tanzania Julius Nyerere será reconocido como "héroe mundial de la justicia social".

    El Nuevo presidente de la Asamblea General. Francia promueve el homosexualismo como política de estado. Apoyarían a Francia: Brasil, México, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile. La UNESCO y Chile premiaron a gays en una universidad católica.

    Nuevo presidente de la Asamblea General
    El 16 de septiembre dio comienzo el 63° período de sesiones de la Asamblea General de la ONU, bajo la presidencia del nicaragüense Miguel d'Escoto, sacerdote católico perteneciente a la congregación Maryknoll, suspendido “a divinis” por la Santa Sede hace 23 años, cuando no quiso abandonar el cargo de Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores del gobierno sandinista de Daniel Ortega. (Los Angeles Times, 16-09-08)

    Apoyos a la moción francesa
    Se da por descontado que entre los que apoyarán la moción de Francia, están: Brasil, México, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, República Dominicana, Canadá, Corea del Sur, Finlandia, Nueva Zelanda y Australia que ya apoyaron a la “internacional rosa” en el Consejo Económico Social de la ONU (ECOSOC) (NG 811).
    Recordemos que el año pasado la UNESCO y el Gobierno chileno, que encabeza Michelle Bachelet (NG 770, 811), premiaron a la Agrupación de Minorías Sexuales Traves Talca, liderada por la activista transgénero Claudia Levicura Miranda, por su trabajo sobre “Buenas prácticas para el respeto a la Diversidad y la no Discriminación 2007”. La Agrupación forma parte de la Federación Chilena de la Diversidad Sexual (Fedisech), y lo que llama poderosamente la atención es que la ceremonia de entrega del premio tuviera lugar en el Universidad Católica del Maule. (Actitud Gay Magazine, 22-10-07). FIN, 17-09-08

  6. Gay Parade organized by Francis indigenous friend in Argentina
    The Indigenous group in Argentina that Francis received at the Vatican in June is a group that openly promotes the gay agenda.

    This month the same group is celebrating a pagan ritual to the earth goddess Pachamama with a pagan offering of coca leaves; an idol that Francis gave it his blessing.
    Pachamama Wikipedia

    Tupac Amaru Organization inaugurates gay neighborhood in Argentina (Two days before they met with Francis)

    'Francis welcomed an indigenous group from Argentina to the Vatican's Apostolic Palace.

    As a gift, they gave to Francis coca leaves, which they consider to be a sacred plant. Even though some misuse it, she said (María Ester Mamaní), they represent wisdom from their elders, who for generations have 'read' the leaves.'
    Francis give the blessing to the coca leaves VIDEO

    1. Mother Earth worship and promotion of sodomy are obviously two planks of the new one world religion