Sunday, August 24, 2014

Francis' first television interview

Francis granted his first television interview during World Youth Day 2013 in Rio, Brazil.  Our thanks to Bruno Moraes for providing English subtitles to the interview and Michael over at Public Vigil for bring it to our attention!  Some of the highlights included:
  • The papal econobox, poverty of priests and papacy (2 min 3 sec)
  • Casa Santa Marta residence is not humble choice but one made because he can't be alone, it is for psychiatric reasons (4 min)
  • Was he scared when his car was mobbed by people on arrival in Brazil? (5 min 50 sec)
  • With Francis, "it is all or nothing!" (7 min)
  • After election Hummes to Bergolgio, "Don't forget the poor!" (13 min 45 sec)
  • The Curia is filled with many Saints! (14 min 55 sec)
  • Since the Middle Ages the Church is always changing and constantly in need of reform.  It needs to be dynamic in order to be alive. (17 min 55 sec)
  • Out of touch Francis doesn't know why the youth of Brazil were protesting  him (19 min 10 sec)
  • Money is what rules today and causes the discard/throw away culture (21 min 30 sec) (misses the beam in his own eye which is usury)
  • Starving children & uneducated children are big problems in world today (24 min) (What no mention of the Kingship of Christ?)
  • His message to Brazilians is more dialogue. (25 min 25 sec)
  • A catholic education isn't important.  Protestant, Talmudic, Orthodox educations are the same (26 min 23 sec)
  • More on education children and starving children (27 min 40 sec)


  1. It can be easily demonstrated that a child cannot receive a Catholic education in so called "Catholic" schools anymore; but from my own observation of relatives who were mostly educated before Vatican II, americanism and religious indifferentism and an embracing of the masonic idea of religious liberty as far as their fellow protestant neighbors, friends and co workers were concerned, were clearly taught and imbued from the Catholic school system, at least in the United States. I have met a few older Catholics who are scandalized by what these V2 "popes" are doing but who really do not seem to believe in extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the only thing I can conclude is that they already imbibed these notions from their "Catholic" schooling before V2. This is why they were all so ready to jump on the Roncalli bandwagon, in my opinion, because I'm certain that the US wasn't the only country this was happening in. It's a no brainer that Bergoglio, being a modernist agent of the new world order, would not want any Catholic education - the devil doesn't want to leave anything to chance anymore with anyone having ANY means of actually figuring out what the pre v2 Faith was, and what the pre V2 popes actually taught. This is no doubt the reason for the Vatican's website yanking anything of any pope before the twentieth century, and also their snub of Pius X, not mentioning the FACT he is a saint, but making sure they put that moniker before Roncalli and Wojtyla, the anti saints.

  2. The Americanist heresy was bred in the bones of most Catholics educated here. It takes a lot of effort to purge that poison from one's soul and it can only be accomplished via the purgative power of Catholic Tradition.

    If you tell your Catholic brothers and sisters that Pope Leo XIII condemned what they treasure, they will simply dismiss what Pope Leo XIII taught as no longer applicable and in that they are just dutiful followers of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger who vacated a ton of Catholic Tradition while he was Prefect of the CDF, concluding that they no longer applied.

    And yet, when he was elected to the Papacy, he seemed surprised that his ordinary magisterial authority was not always adhered to; it is though he was unaware that when he acted as a sapper of Tradition while the Prefect of the CDF, he was undermining the authority of the current Popes.

    Look, is one is going to claim that infallible teachings are temporary, time-bound, decisions that can be vacated, one has no ground to stand on and complain when the authority of the current Popes is ignored or striven against

    1. Yes IABS - you are absolutely correct. This was what Edward Stourton referred to in his book Absolute Truth - the adaptation of the V2 illegitimate council of evolutionary rather than absolute truth - the "that was then, this is now" mentality. And as you correctly point out, people who are embracing this have built their house on quicksand theologically and will happily follow Antichrist if their "pope" tells them to.