Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Francis puts on his sad face

According to the media Francis made a strong silent statement against abortion during his recent trip to South Korea.  Not trusting the media we went over to the Boston Globe to see what the Novus Ordo gatekeeper, John L Allen, Jr. had to say.  He wrote,

"(Francis) delivered perhaps his most dramatic anti-abortion gesture as pope, visiting a symbolic “cemetery for abortion victims” located in a field behind a church-run charitable center."

Well there you have it case closed!  Francis the man, who said Catholic obsession with abortion was driving people away from the faith is against abortion.  Or is he?  What does Francis' gesture symbolize?  For a well thought out take on this matter read,


  1. In this case, silence is not golden. Nothing was said for fear of offending the New World Order. One of the highest abortion rates in the world continues unabated. The babies don't even have the Pope to defend their lives. What a wasted opportunity by this coward!

    1. Exactly! A few sweet nothings purportedly against the crime - again - another one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance - shedding of innocent blood - costs this guy NOTHING while he continues promoting the new world order antichrist agenda of one world religion and one world government, like all his antipope predecessors before him from Roncalli on down the line, huggy kissy with all the enemies of Christ and His church. A Photo op for conservative novus ordo papers like the Remnant and the Wanderer and such creatures that help promote the revolution with their rosaries in their hands, while they simultaneously and piously cant against sedevacantists?