Friday, August 1, 2014

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Friday

Everyone's favorite '62 Mass of John XXIII loving Friars before the Order had the smackdown put on them by Francis and Volpi.  One of the Friars getting the word out in the videos below.  We still wonder if humble Francis has asked any of the Friars to be on the Vatican skateboard demo team.

For more skateboarding Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate see our first entry:

 Saint John Paul II & Fr. Manelli in happier times.

Saint John Paul II visiting the Franciscan Friars & Sisters of Immaculate.


  1. This breaks my heart if Friar Gabriel can do all these tricks on a skateboard but is not allowed to say the Traditional Latin Mass which is his true calling.

  2. People are lost and hurting all over the world. they are crying out for a true priest. But priests seem to have time for dancing, surfing, skateboarding, magic acts, acrobatics....anything but what a priest alone can do. Is this a shepherd after God's heart? Is this a shepherd that would lay down his life for the sheep? Can they not hear the cries of all the souls that need them?

    1. I have seen off many popes. Each one has been very different to his predecessor. This current one is also different and the one that follows him will also be different again.
      The nature of the papacy is very much intertwined with the the personality of the office holder.

      You ask " Can they not hear the cries of all the souls that need them?".

      If your catholicism is totally dependent on the papacy and the holder of that office then you have a serious problem of personal idolatry.

      The pope is not the catholic church merely it,s vicar and like all vicars he makes mistakes unless he is speaking ex cathedra.

      To my knowledge only two popes have ever spoken in that way concerning catholic doctrine , the last being on the doctrine of the assumption.

  3. Priests in community are allowed recreation time, and I would bet these videos were made during recreation. One video showed him interacting with the boys and giving them Miraculous Medals. So it seems that he is aware of his priestly vocation, and the boys, who naturally are attracted to masculine, adventurous endeavors, seem to be aware that he is a priest first and foremost.

    I would agree that we see many examples of Novus Ordo religious and priests who have gone haywire and get tons of adulation for their witness--think Suor Cristina--but perhaps this is an example of them getting their New Evangelization right by kicking it rather old school?

    1. I agree with the other 'anonymous' here that this was most likely taken during recreation time; and I personally don't have a problem with a priest doing anything legitimate athletically; however, the lament by Maria here is well taken. Here we have all this horrendous apostasy going on and for the beleaguered laity out here, it seems a bit ridiculous to see a cleric spending too much energy having what appears to be a 'good time' when the sword of damocles, for many Catholics in the world (look at those being slaughtered in Iraq, for instance) is literally hanging over their heads. In these United States we're awaiting possible nuclear war with Russia, the dollar totally collapsing and prophesied total societal collapse and death by the millions (if you believe what the alt media is predicting), concentration camps (potentially), Obama signing EOs now to chuck citizens into camps if they have respiratory symptoms for possible Ebola (also new this week) etc etc. The mental state of the laity after all this Vatican II apostasy is not in a mood to accept seeing people who purport to be clerics out there having a good time - at least, if they're going to do that, have the good sense not to go around posting narcisscistic youtube videos of themselves doing 'tricks.'

      I personally don't believe this guy probably has valid priestly orders anyway; Paul VI having adopted invalid Anglican orders according to Pope Leo XIII's Apostolicae Curae. That being said, I go along with Maria - it's BAD FORM.

  4. A skateboarding clergy is likely to evoke one of two responses from the majority of Novus Ordo Catholics: "Oh, no! Another pedophile," or "Bravo! What a wonderful way to evangelize the youth."

  5. I know this is a late comment and not incredibly crucial to the whole FI thing...but Friar Gabriel is a religious brother, not a priest, so a lot of the complaining about him and his priesthood are (in this particular case) not applicable.