Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just when we thought Francis couldn't act more un-Catholic...

...he orders Tony Palmer to be buried as 
a Novus Ordo bishop!

We have had Francis tell us the Talmudic Jews, the Muslims, and Catholics all pray to the same God.  He has rambled on also in the past about how Protestants and Catholics are united in diversity and one religious group together in the eyes of God.  He further explained the worst sin of man in the sin of separation.  This sin according to Francis denies the Cross and is caused by listening to Satan.  Remember this is coming from the man who farmed out his exorcisms in Argentina to a Lutheran exorcist.  Recalling also his blasphemous jokes about Our Lord and his favorite blasphemous painting, his actions shouldn't surprise but they still do.  We guess we are surprised because the man dresses as if he is a pontiff but acts no different than the imams, rabbis, or ministers he has had recently at the Vatican as his guests.  We'd love to know what god Francis is praying to.  To quote him, "I believe in God, not in a Catholic God, there is no Catholic God, there is God  and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation. Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator. This is my Being." So Jorge if you or one of your lackeys is reading this, "Who or what are you praying to?"  Now onto Tony Palmer being buried as a Novus Ordo bishop...

"Fr. David told us that because Tony was not a Roman Catholic he had to ask his bishops permission to celebrate the requiem and though Tony’ s wife and children are Roman Catholics, permission still had to be given for the requiem. The bishop agreed but said that Tony could not be buried as a bishop as he was not a Roman Catholic bishop. However, Pope Francis said he should and could be buried as a bishop…and so that put an end to that little bit of ecclesiastical nonsense!"

Guess where Tony Palmer's remains were laid to rest?

Public Vigil has the answer in the entry, "Bishop" Tony Palmer's blasphemous final resting place:
And here the story turns tragic. Tony Palmer was not just buried in a Catholic cemetery. That would have been bad enough.
His remains "were taken to the Eyre Chapel Crypt, at Perrymeade Catholic Cemetery, in Bath" -- a place of high honor...
..."This miniature jewel of a chapel was built by Charles Francis Hansom in the 1860s for John Lewis Eyre, as a burial place and chantry for the Eyre family. Hansom designed an elaborate French Gothic chapel, with a beautiful altar in the form of a sepulchre containing an alabaster figure of Christ. In the crypt are buried members of the Eyre family, Recusants who came originally from Derbyshire."
So Tony Palmer the faux anglican bishop who called for a false ecumenism between Catholics and protestants is now buried along side the descendants of Catholic Recusants -- Catholic faithful who risked everything to maintain their Catholic faith after the British monarchs split from the Catholic Church and formed the Church of England.
This is a blasphemous act that cries out to heaven.

Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us...

Tony Palmer's remains are in the Crypt of Eyre Chapel alongside the descendants of Recusants (English Catholics) who suffered and died for their Faith rather than convert to the heretical Anglicanism which Tony practiced and exercised!!!

for more details and commentary on the story:


You can with certainty that Francis sometimes practices what he preaches...

...and it isn't Catholic!!!


  1. Dear Call Me Jorge,

    CORRECTION: I incorrectly stated that Tony Palmer was "buried along side Catholic Recusants". I have read more about the Eyre Family Chapel and I should have said something like "buried along side the descendants of Catholic Recusants".

    I will make the necessary corrections promptly.

    This doesn't take away anything from the gravity of the situation. Palmer a VERY publicly professed non-Catholic was buried in the Catholic cemetery in Bath with the highest honors possible.

  2. How much more obvious can the apostasy get with this phoney "pope" doing things like this? This isn't nearly on the same level as Wojtyla denying Christ as the Messiah, or Ratzinger questioning the validity of the resurrection or the Real Presence and throwing the dogma of limbo out the window, not to mention his endorsement of condom use for male prostitutes (maybe he didn't want to "judge" them?) etc. anyone can continue to call these men who have stolen into the papal chair by whatever means to forward the antichrist agenda in the world of all Christ's and the true Church's enemies all these centuries true hierarchy is beyond me. Words fail.

  3. Remember the Bayside Prophecy where The Blessed Virgin Mary states:


    "In the past the demons were loosed upon your world, but the prince of darkness remained chained. But now he is loosed. My children, in the plan from Heaven he has been allowed his time. Satan, the supreme master of hell, now walks your earth in a human body. I do not, as your Mother, seek to fill your heart with fear, but you must now face reality and the facts. The days given in the Book of life, the Bible, the days spoken of and written of by your prophets are here. I caution you to read the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, My children. Read and learn; read again! For soon there will be darkness and you will be unable to read. You will store it all in your hearts and your memory." - Our Lady, November 1, 1977

    Understandably, the Bayside Prophesies are not approved by the Vatican.

    1. We here at Call Me Jorge... consider the Bayside Prophecies to be false apparitions from the devil because much of the message contradicts Catholic teaching.