Monday, August 4, 2014

Novus Ordo keeps the 'traditional' sign of peace

In the make it up as you go along man-made Novus Ordo Missae, the Vatican has ruled, after studying the matter for nine years, the hand shaking sign of peace will stay!  Supporters of  introducing fist bumping into the Novus Ordo said they will accept the decision but will also continue to lobby for a change.  Citing the tradition of fist bumping in sports, politics, and the media world wide, the advocates of the fist bump said if adopted it would bring the youth back into the pews on Sunday.

Vatican releases guidelines for hand shaking in Novus Ordo Missae


  1. Stay away from me you Neo-Catholics!

  2. Please you can dig deeper into this news and share it with us Thanks

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    1. I wonder if Benedict wouldn't sign off for 9 years - but now poprah has put an end to the 'study'!

  3. the handshake as practiced in the novus ordo missae never existed in the pre conciliar true Tridentine mass, and, as correctly analyzed by William F. Strojie in his writings on the post conciliar religion, he commented in "the genuflection is out, the handshake is IN." The handshake is one of the premiere symbols of masonry as well as seen carved on the outside of some mormon temples. I think one of the God Makers films by protestant film company Jeremiah Films demonstrated this. I could not tell you which handshake of which level of masonry it was, but it was definitely a masonic handshake.

    The last novus ordo missae I attended, the elderly priest who was the celebrant, who certainly had valid pre Vatican II orders, said to think of the mass as a "great potluck." That was the last straw for me.