Friday, August 22, 2014

slippery as a snake, Malachi Martin

We at Call Me Jorge... will make the assumption the reader is familiar with Rev. Hans Kung.  If they are not, please do a quick search for the revolutionary priest on the internet.  Hans mentions Malachi Martin in his memoirs titled, My Struggle for Freedom, on pages 382-3, 412 & 415.   We include the surrounding pages so the reader can get a sense of the context Martin was being mentioned in by Kung.  

On page 382, Kung refers to Martin as, "a knowledgeable and perceptive author," working, "under the pseudonym Michael Serafian (The Pilgrim, New York 1964)."  This book written by Malachi Martin under the nom de plume of Michael Serafian was arranged to be published between the 2nd and 3rd sessions of the Second Vatican Council by Rabbi Abraham Heschel.  It was hoped the book would influence the deliberation of the draft of Nostra Aetate.  One of Martin's theses in The Pilgrim was that Roman Catholicism was in need of reform or fixing because an integral part of Catholicism was antisemitism which had led ultimately to Auschwitz.  For more on this see Maurice Pinay's, The Final Nail in Malachi Martin's Coffin.  Kung then speculates, on page 383, as to either the publication of this book or to Martin's affair with the pregnant wife of Robert Kaiser for being the reason of Martin leaving the priesthood.

The final two mentions of Martin in My Struggle for Freedom are on pages 412 & 415.  Kung mentions Martin is correct about Paul VI wanting to modernize the Church but not in an aggressive enough manner to suit the modernist Kung.  Lastly, Kung hopes the Curia of the Church will be rapidly reformed as promised and the theses in Martin's book, The Pilgrim, can only be refuted by the actions of Paul VI.

It is telling that Malachi Martin never came clean about his appalling past behaviors with his readers and listeners.  Instead, he promoted himself as a kind grandfatherly-like character, a charming Irishman, a traditional Catholic, one who was still connected at the Vatican, one who performed exorcisms on the side, and as one who was still a valid priest & a secret bishop consecrated by Pius XII to go on a super top-secret mission behind the Iron Curtain.  Martin was certainly a snake and trickster who loved to tell whoppers.

cover of My Struggle For Freedom

 page 382 of My Struggle For Freedom

page 383 of My Struggle For Freedom

page 384 of My Struggle For Freedom

page 412 of My Struggle For Freedom

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 page 415 of My Struggle For Freedom

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  1. He wrote a book about exorcisms ,turns out he never performed one ,only assisted at them ,his housekeeper is buried with him ,and not her husband ,so this man was definitely not all he appeared to be,i think he did a lot of damage to the Church . To see his grave follow the link.

  2. Why do so many Trads, including sites like Traditio, insist on acting like MM was still a priest when it was known that he had quit the priesthood?. It is amazing that highly educated people like the late Dr Rama Coomaraswamy fell for the lies that MM was still, not only a priest, but a secret bishop consecrated by Pius XII. The late Fr Paul Wickens of New Jersey seems to have also believed this. I gather that he cared for the ailing Martins and to settle some of his bills when he died.

  3. For those who still have doubts about whether Martin betrayed the Church, Maurice Pinay documents that payments received by Martin to spread anti-Church propaganda in order to influence Vatican II here:

    There is more here:

    "According to the biography of Rabbi Abraham Heschel, Spiritual Radical (pp.253-254), Rabbi Heschel, with the AJC, arranged for Malachi Martin's book, The Pilgrim to be published as a political tactic in hopes that it would influence deliberation on the draft for Nostra Aetate which had met setbacks at the close of the second session of the Second Vatican Council."

    And by the way, bergoglio often sounds like he is reading directly from Martin's "The Pilgrim" when he "apologizes" for the Church to jews, protestants, atheists, etc.

  4. Hello CMJ. After reading the excerpts from Hans Kung's book I would add that Kung is also "slippery as a snake".

    I'm struck by the cover photograph of Kung -- it's a very "devious" pose.

    And then there is the title, "My struggle for freedom". Not exactly indicative of saintly aspirations --- more like what a freemason might title his memoirs.

    And isn't the German translation of "my struggle".... "Mein Kampf"? Surely, this did not escape the attention of Kung who is Swiss.

    From Wikipedia:

    Mein Kampf ("My Struggle") is an autobiographical manifesto by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, in which he outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany.

    And you certainly wouldn't know from his manner of dress, thought or writing that Kung is a priest -- and one in good standing. He and Malachi Marting make good bedfellows.

  5. Once again, how convenient, that Malachi Martin is attacked while being deceased. This is a horse that won't run. Someone is trying to get the public's attention away from what Malachi martin said before he died. He said, the final Pope would be under the influence of Satan. He also said that freemasonry had a hold of the Vatican. The super force is what he called it. He and his good friend, Father Edward Kunze were murdered by that super force, for talking too much. If you are going to attack someone, attack someone who can actually respond to the attacks.

    1. Michael - thanks as always for your comments, thank you Call Me jorge for again more evidence of the wily double agent Martin was. I also know about Martin's involvement from a mutual friend who had a friend involved with Kunz and knew of some facts involved in the aftermath of Fr. Kunz's ritual murder; and her contention (this friend of my friend who knew Fr. Kunz) was that both Martin and Fr. Fiore may have had fairly solid evidence or knowledge of just who it was that ordered Kunz's murder and would never come forth with that knowledge. This to me seems completely culpable if true. I don't know if Wickens took care of Martin - I thought Fr. Fiore was the one who did. Anyway, the gravesite is pretty damning.

      Anonymous - it cost Martin NOTHING to make some comments along the lines of what you document here "the final pope will be under the influence of Satan" "Masonry has a hold of the Vatican." Anyone who has any sensus catholicus left can pretty much discern that one without Malachi telling them. I personally heard him on Coast to coast describe pro lifers, as I have mentioned on this blog before, standing in front of abortion clinics protesting, to be akin to the money changers in the temple that our Lord took the whip cords to. That was my first "what the heck?" moment of realization of Malachi NOT being the "sweet, traditionalist priest who cares about Jesus" mentality that I had come to view him with. I OWN Hostage to the Devil, Keys of This Blood, bought both my dad and my priest friend with the SSPX Windswept House when it came out, etc. Totally a Malachi fan; facing the moment of truth about John Paul II when I read Daniel De LeRoux's PETER LOVEST THOU ME?, and realizing how he had betrayed Christ our Lord by engaging in false ecumenism and sins against the First Commandment (which led me to realize that all these other V2 "popes" have done the same), I had to quit making excuses for this man who would say the novus ordo missae wasn't a real mass but that these "popes" were "his pope" as he also said repeatedly on Coast to Coast am, which is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, because AGAIN, A REAL POPE CANNOT PROSCRIBE SOMETHING HARMFUL FOR THE FLOCK IN THE AREA OF FAITH AND MORALS. This is the bottom line and Malachi KNEW that but he was playing the "recognize and resist" business of giving the laity all the reasons to consider what these "popes" have done to be awful, horrible, but then to legitimize their "papacy". This is the WORST kind of duplicity in my book.

  6. Malachi Martin "blew the whistle". Slander him if you will after his death. Take your comment of August 24, 2014 at 7:27 PM and "plug it into the reality of the moment" of May 12, 2017 with Francis poised to enter Fatima on the morrow. This will be 100 years to the day after the apparitions of 1917. Hans Kung is the "real snake". Francis is using the blue print of Teilhard de Chardin to "make the entire earth the new altar of the Old Testament". Benedict bought into this concept and that is why he stepped aside for Francis. "Amoris Laetitia" is very controversial to say the least in the areas of fornication, adultery, and sodomy. He will step forth into the shadow of the Mother of God. Let's just see how she responds to a radical pontiff.