Thursday, August 28, 2014

the ladies' man, Malachi Martin

In the biography, Queen of the Oil Club: The Intrepid Wanda Jablonski and the Power of Information, by Anna Rubino we see mention of the love affair between Malachi Martin and Wanda Jablonski.  The author interviews Ian Seymour on 17 November 1996 and provides quotes in the book about the affair.  Anna Rubino interviewed Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani previously on 10 November 1996 who also told her of the same affair.  Further, the author uncovered a letter from Wanda to her hosts Wadad and Mahmoud Maklouf written on 17 January 1973 in which she mentions her affair with the ex-priest.  The breakup or the end of the relationship was confirmed by Georgia Macris in a 3 March 1998 interview by the author as well as James Critchfield on a 5 August 1995 interview and Sheik Yamani in his interview.  This is a bunch of separate confirmations with the involved parties all telling the exact same story, Malachi Martin and Wanda Jablonski had an affair which didn't last.  This torrid affair happened soon after he seduced the pregnant Mrs. Susan Kaiser but before Malachi immigrated to America where he began a long term affair with a divorcee, Mrs. Kakia Livanos (nee Vernicos), whom he lived with in her Manhattan apartment less than one block from Central Park at 4 E 63rd St, Apt 4B until he died from a brain hemorrhage in 1999.  Kakia and Malachi share a gravestone and are buried side by side in Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, New York.

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  1. One wonders how many women this pseudo priest had during his apparently sexually wild lifetime. I guess the only thing you can say in his favor was that he didn't seem to favor homosexuality - didn't seem to want to engage in that sin - which unfortunately many of the post Vatican II 'clergy' seem to be guilty of.

  2. I met Malachi Martin face to face and I asked him about these awful stories about him and he looked me in the eye very sadly and said these lies have been said about him since he left the Jesuites. I know he was not lying and God will handle these evil liars.

    1. Anonymous,

      You should check out this post:

      'apostate' Fr. Malachi Martin helps break up a marriage

      It contains official church documents detailing one of Martin's affairs!


    2. Just posted this link over at G should go balistic as usual.

  3. I don't believe it. The Jesuit leadership finally admitted after the death of Malachi that he was not laicized but remained a priest after leaving the Jesuits. He said the Tridentine Mass every morning. You need to bring more than heresay to destroy Father Martin's reputation.-----Livanos was his land lady who was Greek Orthodox. He was referred to her and used her facilities as a base for his writings. This is heresay.----Kaiser was pregnant which this article admits. How many pregnant women engage in torrid extramarital affairs? That is not the psychological nature of the condition.---I know nothing at all of Wanda Jablonski.

  4. Mr.Kaiser has issues. I would like to see articles about HIM. Usually people who gossip have something to hide. Clearly he suffers with massive jealousy and anger. He would have persecuted King David, St. Paul and St. Augustine.