Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vespers or a protestant prayer meeting?

"We are free! as we are allowed to do good!"

Compare this video....

Francis meets with 50,000 German speaking 
altar girls & boys to pray Vespers

With these videos...

Vespers in Rome

Vespers at Girl's Summer Camp

Which one was the Novus Ordo/Protestant Vespers and which the Traditional Latin Vespers?


  1. At least it wasn't a Mass where they could abuse the Body & Blood of Jesus all over St. Peter's Suare like they do at WYD. I'll take my Traditional Latin Mass altar BOYS every time over priestesses-in-training.

  2. Germany is a case study in the inexorable collapse of novus ordoism at present. It accelerated under Benedict XVI and has raced into top gear since Francis I came on the scene. I rejoice - the sooner the better - I used to believe it would take another four generations but under this indifferent protestantising papal character it has reduced this to two and no more.