Thursday, September 25, 2014

Francis autographs a baseball!

Francis signs a baseball for the Koeppels for
Saint Edwards Church - Palm Beach - Florida

The action is from 1 minute 44 seconds to 2 minutes 24 seconds.

If there was ever a doubt that Palm Beach is the center of the universe, it can be dispelled. The baseball signing heard around the world has a Palm Beach connection.

It turns out, it was the Koeppel family of Palm Beach that hit a home run Wednesday on a family trip to Rome when Pope Francis signed a baseball thrown to him from the crowd.

The 77-year-old pontiff urged an onlooking fan, who turned out to be part-time resident William Koeppel, to throw him the New York Yankees baseball during his weekly audience in St. Peter’s Square. The ball bounced in the pope’s right hand before falling to the ground, where it was retrieved by his security detail. The leader of the Catholic Church then signed and returned the ball.

“We were so ecstatic,” said Koeppel. “It was like winning the World Series.”

What will happen to the ball? The family plans on donating it to St. Edward Catholic Church — which helped him secure the VIP tickets to see the pontiff — for its annual dinner Dec. 10 at The Breakers, where it will be auctioned off. Proceeds will benefit the church’s annual toy drive.

Koeppel, after discussing the idea with friends in New York before the trip, came prepared. He yelled to Pope Francis to sign. When Pope Francis asked for the ball, Koeppel’s 11-year-old son, Chase, gave his father a ball, who then tossed it to the pontiff. His other son, Harrison, 14, threw the pope a pen. On a side note, Harrison was confirmed Sept. 7 and his confirmation name is Francis.

The family had hoped to have two other balls signed — one for Palm Beach Day Academy and one for the New York Athletic Club — but were only able to get one autographed. Harrison is president of the Day Academy student council, which also counts Chase as a member. The senior Koeppel is on the admissions committee of the club.


  1. Not only does he not know the Catholic faith but he can't field either. Guess he'll have to be the designated modernist. Stick to kicking balls Bergolgio!

  2. Pope...? No.
    Bishop..? No.
    Priest..? No.
    Horse's hind end..? Yes.

  3. I'm just trying to imagine Pios X, XI and XII, clowning around and making a mockery of the papacy, and I just can't

    1. You are right Mary - that is why this man is NOT a pope - he is an ANTIPOPE - if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Anyway, the R and R crowd are in direct disobedience by saying these horrible men are real popes - clearly in direct disobedience to Pius X, Pius IX, Paul IV and Pius II just to name a few, especially the latter two's bulls condemning and anathematizing false popes, even if unanimously elected, who preach heresy, and false councils called to overturn previously defined dogmas, as clearly Vatican Ii's sole purpose was to do just that - not to mention their huggy kissy with every heretic and schismatic - the REAL ones - under the sun, while calling the sole faithful Catholics - i.e. those who expect the man in the papal chair to actually BE a Catholic - heretics or schismatics or worse. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus ONLY applies to traditionalists AND particularly to sedevacantists when it comes to the conciliar counterfeit one world religion of Montinian nightmare Zionist-led phoney "Catholicism" which says a cabbalistic "mass" authored by six heretics and two Christ hating rabbis. Not to mention the clerical freemason who went out and hung himself just like Judas Iscariot before him - Bugnini. But they're going to go ahead and 'canonize' the primary horse's end - Montini - that imposed all of this apostatical mess on the Faithful in the first place - and meanwhile a big solar eclipse follows that "canonization' on the Thursday after - the day Marie Julie Jahenny says the 3DD are supposed to occur - Thursday, Friday Saturday. One certainly wonders how long our Lord is going to subject us to all these devils in human form who have infiltrated and taken over like the spiritual cockroaches they are.

  4. These are just PR gimmicks of this Zionist destroyer of the Church.

  5. Thank you God for Pope Francis. Sorry for those of us who insult him and misjudge him. Then again, we did worse to your own Son.