Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Francis tells Vatican security their mission is...

...to combat gossip!

"The worst bomb inside the Vatican is gossip"

Another one from you can't make this stuff up file in the absurd box!  Francis lives in a world of his own imaginings.

Pope launches alarm, tells Vatican security force to be 'gossip police'
By Carol Glatz 

Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The biggest threat facing the Vatican isn't a bomb or bullet from the outside, but the insidious work of mischief-makers within, who plant discord and resentment, Pope Francis told the Vatican's security force.
"There are bombs in here, very dangerous bombs in here," he told security personnel. "Please, keep your eyes open, because in the darkness of so many wicked lives, the enemy has sown weeds," he said in his homily.
To help celebrate the Vatican security service's patron saint, St. Michael the archangel, the pope celebrated Mass for security personnel in the chapel of the office governing Vatican City State Sept. 27. The Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, published excerpts from the homily Sept. 29, the feast of the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
The pope told his own "guardian angels" that their vocation is "to safeguard this state" so the church and the pope "can be free" to carry out their mission.

In addition to the more colorful Swiss Guard, the Vatican's other security body is its own police force, the gendarme corps. The corps of about 130 men is responsible for papal security, crowd control in St. Peter's Square and safety, law and order within the Vatican.
The pope said a good guardian, like the archangel, "has the courage to get rid of demons" and has the intelligence to be able to pick them out from the crowd. "He can't be, excuse my terminology, an idiot; he has to be quick on the uptake and alert."
He said he knows their job is to be like sentinels, keeping watch and guarding entrances, "doors and windows so no bombs get in."
But, "I want to tell you something a bit sad; there are bombs in here" and it doesn't matter if it's "a homemade bomb or an atomic bomb," every single one is "dangerous" and "there are many."
"The worst bomb inside the Vatican is gossip," which "threatens the life of the church and the life of (the Vatican) every day," he said, because it "sows destruction" and "destroys the lives of others."
While there are many religious and laypeople in the Vatican who are "sowing good seed," the devil is still getting his way by using others "to sow weeds."

Even the pope is not immune to this temptation, he said; it's a danger "for me, too," because "the devil gives you that yearning."
So in addition to looking for the usual security threats, the pope told the security guards to also crack down on backstabbing and courageously call people out.
Stop them in their tracks and say, "Please sir, please ma'am, please father, please sister, please your Excellency, please your Eminence, please Holy Father, don't gossip; that's not allowed here," the pope said.
Whatever gripes or problems people have, they should take them directly to the people involved without also complaining to the world, he said.
The sower of weeds meets a bitter end, he said, in "burning furnaces" and condemned to "disgrace and eternal abomination."
But thanks to the security police's added vigilance and help, "the final word written about our lives will be, 'He was a good person. He sowed good seed,' and not, 'He was dreadful, he planted bombs of discord' -- that would be very sad."


  1. To be sure, calumny and slander fall into the category of serious sin, and very easily potentially mortal sin, but with the constant heresy and apostasy this man promotes, they really seem to pale in comparison. One can only assume this is some kind of castigation about the Vatican butler leak thing that happened under Ratzinger perhaps?

  2. In sunshine Jorgie's cassock is see-through. I suggest he wear's a petticoat or wears a cassock of thicker material/

  3. God knows there's plenty to gossip about going on in the Vatican.

  4. That's exactly how a wolf in sheep-skin looks like for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. I can handle to take a quick glimpse at him every now and then, his see-through cassock being a constant reminder that he is a false prophet (probably the Biblical one) but cannot possibly stomach his heretical double talking "sermons"!

  5. Lack of honesty in the Church particularly among the clergy of every rank, both in words and deeds , breeds what the Pope may be referring to as "gossip".