Thursday, September 4, 2014

more on Francis' webcam session on google hangouts

Two more videos of Francis being the modernist he is from his webcam show yesterday.

Humor, modernism, throw-away culture, youth unemployment, and remember it takes a village to raise a child!

More encounter, more dialogue, and don't forget sports will bring about world peace!

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  1. Hi CMJ. Thanks for posting these videos.

    This is the Plim Plim papacy. Plim Plim -- the cartoon clown which is based on the teachings of a hindu/buddhist guru (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) -- teaches basic "human values". The Plim Plim shows cartoon characters represent the five continents.

    These are "human values" without God. This is masonic style multi-culturalism that is designed to overpower and water down Catholic culture which has developed over 2000 years.

    I'm sure that all the questions were pre-scripted. Each of these questions are designed just like an episode of Plim Plim which focuses on teaching one "human value". I'm sure also that bergoglio was given the questions in advance so that he would be prepared with his answers.

    Not once did bergoglio speak of Christ or the saints or even encourage the children to read the Bible. He did manage to talk about witches and crystal balls -- by the way Plim Plim is also a magician.

    By now we have gotten so used to this pope offering spontaneous comments that are theologically unsound (at best) that it doesn't even get very much press attention.

    This is what the papacy of the brave new world order looks like. In less than two years bergoglio has destroyed 2000 years of papal tradition through his use of UNPRECEDENTED cheap PR stunts like this one in which he promotes his liberal/humanist/masonic/marxist/ecumenical and above all ANTI-Catholic agenda.