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Francis is a pendejo (silly person)

José Ignacio the nephew Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is not the most devout person in the world, but a pilgrimage to Luján shows it causes the faith of many to grow.

Early this month an article,  El sobrino del Papa peregrina a la Basílica de Luján y dice que ve a su tío rejuvenecido, was published by Religion en Libertad.  We have one note in the next paragraph on the article concerning the word pendejo, then the article, followed by some of Call Me Jorge...'s comments.  With regards to the article there are some quotes in it which are dandies!

The Spanish word pendejo in the article is translated into English by the author of the article as "boy" or "adolescent".  In the Spanish we are familiar with this translates into English as a curse word which is much worse and  stronger than "idiot" or "jerk" and we will leave it at that.  According to wikipedia, pendejo is used in Argentina as to refer to a male child who tries to act like an adult, a child who is a brat, or to someone of little to no social value.  Call Me Jorge... did ask a native speaker what this word means to an Argentinian and were told by them as they laughed, it is a "silly person".

The nephew of Pope makes the pilgrimage to the Basilica of Luján and says he sees his uncle rejuvenated
6 October 2014
Gisela Nicosia /
José Ignacio Bergoglio, nephew of Pope Francis, shares his memories and is thrilled with his uncle. "He's indeed a 'pendejo' [in Argentina and Uruguay this informal word meaning "boy, adolescent"; Note of ReL] he loves what he's doing."
The youngest son of María Elena, the only living sister of former Cardinal, stood by PERFIL at the 40th edition of the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Luján, held from noon on Saturday, 4th of October and was excited to see the religious fervor in young people, something that relates directly to the change of his uncle, Pope Francis.
"Faith is never lost. (sometimes) It is anesthetized, it is sleeping.  You feel more or less faith, and at times it depends on who inspires you.   Many return again to go to Mass or to pray for my uncle.  So unless a believer teaches the guardian angel prayer to a child; or at a key moment (one) prays a Hail Mary.  And it shows that people are regaining their faith."
José Ignacio says his uncle notices the "rejuvenation". "He is indeed a pendejo, he loves what he is doing and gets excited because he knows the change that is generated," he confesses.  
Faith in the family 
Since childhood, José grew up with a very close link to religion.  He recounts that his mother is a catechist, his godfather is a priest, his aunt was a nun and now his other uncle is none other than the Pope. "Faith is huge in my family," he says and gives details about his relationship with the ex-Cardinal.   "We're just as close as before, with the difference being that I cannot go see him when I want to (now).  He is always calling to know (how we are) and see what we have been up to.  He calls at least once or twice a week to talk to us," he says.
In turn, he looks at some of the moments where he enjoyed him.  "When I was in the Cathedral, I went to him and told him about my problems.  On one of my visits, I went with a friend, and he was in an audience eating cookies we hope, that the nuns had prepared.  He laughed because he always gave us something.  He is a great counselor and always gives his opinion as uncle, not as a priest or now as a Pope," he says.
Walking to the Basilica of Luján 
While José Ignacio recounts his history and his family, the pilgrims with their banners, flags and promises are still walking along Rivadavia Avenue to reach the Basilica.  There was also José , in 2003.
"I walked Luján mobilized by the faith.  It called my attention and I did it with a (female) friend.  By mistake, we stopped for over a hour to take matte, then we struggled on.  I walked in Franciscan sandals, despite what I was told by many, and they did not blister me," he remembers and assumes he will soon return.
"I was a believer, because the Virgin of Lujan is the patron saint of Argentina. I did not ask for anything, I always had a lot to be thankful for, especially now. I remember how people embraced each other upon arrival and got emotional," he says.
Pray every night 
José Ignacio attended kindergarten, primary and secondary part of the school of the Slaves of  Ituzaingó.
He prayed every night and made ​​several retreats.
"In fourth grade I asked my teachers to take communion with my uncle and they accepted," he says pointing to the only picture he has of them from that moment (first communion).  I I also had my confirmation  with him, and when he gave me the slap (which is part of the ceremony) gave me such a strong smack, my face turned. He looked at me, winked and laughed.  It was one of the many jokes that he played on me" he added.
The Uncle Bergoglio and nephew José Ignacio day of his first communion

Now José Ignacio lives with his girlfriend and dreams that when he marries his uncle will officiate the ceremony. "I asked him, maybe it's not possible but it is my desire," he reveals.
[Note of ReL: We could not find any other source to confirm that the nephew of Pope cohabits with a girl who is not his wife, which of course contradicts Catholic teaching on marriage (and that all sociological statistics around the world agree (cohabitating) increases the chances of the relationship not lasting).]
Speaking calmly and smiling, showing his pride in knowing that his uncle, says that his place in the world was Argentina, "today he found his place in the world, that is the world itself."
The appointment of Bergoglio, forever changed not only his life but also his family's. The change was overwhelming at first but now, after one year and a half of the papacy, Francis has began "to live normally."
None of them traveled to Rome and they hope to see him soon. "I think I will see my uncle in the country very soon. So many people need to see him that we prefer to wait and not go.  That day (we see him) will be a revolution in the country because he creates it (revolution) with his pure transmission of faith," he concluded.
 The cohabitating couple José Ignacio & Marina Muro.

Better quality picture of José Ignacio's first communion photo.

Who wants to bet Francis gave his nephew communion in the hand?

To see more pictures of Francis giving communion in the hand, see Voris borrows latest excuse from Malachi Martin and scroll down.

A few videos showing Francis administering the sacrament of confirmation.  Do you see Francis slapping any of the confirmands in the face?

Confirmation from 2012

Confirmation from 2013

Confirmation from 2013

Looks to us as if it was spiritual hugs and kisses all around. It seems a safe conclusion to draw that the only time Francis follows the rubrics is when he can make a joke out of the Novus Ordo religion. 

That Francis, he's a funny guy!

To recap,  Francis is a pendejo (silly person) unless he is talking about...



Talmudic Judaism!


  1. "Faith is huge in my family," he says

    Which “faith” is the nephew talking about? Liberation theology?

    Quote from “Popular Religion and Liberation: The Dilemma of Liberation Theology”:

    “At the religious level, Scannone points out that the dignity of the poor and the humble is symbolically expressed in the Virgin Mary. The Marian symbol is a sign of the unity of justice and of the divine preference for the poor.”

    Then the author of this book quotes Fr. Juan Carlos Scannone SJ who talks about “their historical Argentine Marys” including the Virgin of Lujan ( a must-read)

    Francis' theology according to Fr. Scannone

    Liberation theology has a special preference for so called indigenous people and their “spirituality and wisdom”. That explains why for example “Catholic witchdoctors” exist in Latin America.

    The liberation theologians protect this kind of ”wisdom” which is pagan.

    Pope Leo XIII warned us that this is a goal of the Freemasons:
    … to bring back after a lapse of eighteen centuries the manners and customs of the pagans

    I guess the main reasons why Bishop Livieres was removed by the Pope is that he opposed liberation theologians and their fake “indian pastoral”:

    Livieres forbade, on pain of sanctions, political or ideological instrumentalization of Pastoral Social. He also objected to a fake "indian pastoral 'which, in contrast to the missionary saints of centuries, wants to prevent (!!!) the right of the natives to be preached the Good News of the Gospel.

    Bishop Livieres insisted he had not had an opportunity to defend himself, that other bishops conspired against him, and that he was being “persecuted” for his orthodoxy (in an interview with CNS, he said it was because of his opposition to liberation theology, a claim rebuffed by Father Lombardi as "naive").

    They forgot two words in "liberation theology. Liberation from Catholic theology.

  2. No doubt the fornicator (and contraceptor) receives communion like his 'catechist' mother whose name like her two sons is always given as Bergoglio. At least one report before it was decided to keep all bergoglio relatives out of official Rome reported she was living with a 'husband':

    "Her house was still busy with phone calls and visitors, and occasional motorists would still drive by, honking their horns, shouting “Viva el papa,” Avvenire reported March 19. Maria Elena and her husband painted the gate to the house yellow and white in honor of the election, the paper reported." - See more at:

    "On March 19, 2013 the Italian Catholic newspaper, Avvenire shared (via NCR) with the world information about their relationship….Her house was still busy with phone calls and visitors, and occasional motorists would still drive by, honking their horns, shouting "Viva el papa," Avvenire reported March 19. Maria Elena and her husband painted the gate to the house yellow and white in honor of the election, the paper reported."

    "The only sibling still alive is his sister, Maria Elena, who has been married twice with a son from each husband"

    Maria Elena sinks his fingers in a blue cardboard box, from which extracts two letters: one autograph of May '58 to parents by the college "Sagrada Familia" of Cordova and another written to her newly divorced a few years later…. Even when I faced a divorce from my husband supported me

    1) Jose Ignacio Bergoglio (29)
    2) Jorge Vallejos Bergogio 37 (2013) (pic here)
    "Already with Kollar" the current Pope taught bad words his nephew who is also named Jorge and at the same time was his godchild, to their own displeasure, so Maria Elena Bergoglio. That led to an embarrassing situation, as her brother "at an important service" started to preach with many priests and her son in the surprise at the sight of the uncle "a very bad expression" - for all sound can be heard - in the silence. 'After mass, Jorge came to us and could stop no longer laughing', so the sister. In addition, her brother have dived the pacifier of the child in whisky. Her brother from his father inherited the serene mind and joke telling

    Of course, CRUD reporter John Allen was down there (who financed that trip?) -- so he would know -- but didn't see any mention of a husband from him!

    1. Thanks for all the information. We were not aware of the majority of it.


  3. Pope reportedly has 16 nieces and nephews – wonder if they are all going to release articles on their irregular sexual relationships while bragging about their family's STRONG faith!:
    1) Alberto Horacio (1942-2010) 5 kids (Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio 8//14 accident)
    2) Oscar Adrian 1938- ?((The one reported falsely? to be an Adventist) (3 kids)
    3) marta regina bergoglio sivori (1940-2007) (6 kids including Jose Luis Jesuit priest, Pablo Mario Narvaja, 'educational management' & Maria Inés Narvaja (married a divorced man and lived w/him 4 yrs before the pope finally got him a VCII annulment -- I guess since didn't make his niece live celibate while awaiting this annulment why should we?)
    4) Maria Elena – mother of Jose Ignacio Bergoglio and Jorge Vallejos (2 different fathers)
    a. Jose Luis Narvaja, A Jesuit priest:
    b. Maria Inés Narvaja: In this interview she also mentions her marriage, at first a civil marriage, with a man who was waiting for the declaration of nullity of his previous union by the ecclesiastical authorities. Four years later, she finally married in the Church.
    c. Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio, 38-year-old nephew (whose wife & 2 sons killed in car accident) son of the pope’s late brother Alberto Bergoglio
    released from hospital w/pic of dead wife breast feeding dead son
    d. Jose who brags about fornicating in this article you blog about; maybe he has some advice about what type of contraception he uses too (I guess Mercy! isn't enough to overcome that natural law--but don't obsess, have an abortion (THANK YOU POPE FRANCIS, LOVE NARAL))

    Maybe the priest will next put out an article that he often fornicates too despite his vow of celibacy like the Argentine bishop, bergoglio's friend, who was relieved of his duties in 2012

    Notice how they trot in a crucifix:

    Anyway seems we have quite a few stories to go -- thank God the Kennedys never went in for vocations to the priesthood or religious life.

  4. I had been told, years ago, by two Puerto Rican co-workers that 'pendejo' didn't mean silly person but a part of the male anatomy.....perhaps there are different meanings in different parts of the Spanish speaking world. Yeah, that must be it.

  5. Pendejo is pubic hair. Colloquially it means idiot, but not to be used in polite conversation.

  6. In Argentina, "pendejo" is slang for a young person, a boy, and by extension it is applied to an old man that it is in good (especially) physical shape.
    Might be insulting: "no seas pendejo", like act your age. Or can be a praise. Depends. Its different depending on the context. Its not a word you would say in front of your mother, anyway.
    Believe me, i am argentine.
    Bergoglio is something much worst than that.