Saturday, October 11, 2014

Francis sought advice from Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus, a Muslim who believes in usury.

Pope Francis, an outspoken critic of the current global economic system, has sought advice from Bangladeshi economist Prof Muhammad Yunus and other global thinkers to formulate an inclusive global economic policy.
"The Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope Francis is seeking to formulate a new economic policy, taking into account the spiritual perspective," said a statement issued by Yunus Centre in Dhaka yesterday.
The leader of the worldwide Catholic Church invited the Nobel peace laureate and some other influential thinkers to a conference on “The Global Common Good: Towards a More Inclusive Economy” in Vatican City on July 11-12.
The Pope took the initiative to hold the consultation meeting on what is needed at the global policy level to overcome the social plagues that humiliate the dignity of people.
In line with his predecessors, the Pope has declared his opposition to the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and to an attitude of indifference that characterises today's political, economic and social situation.
He also expressed a keen interest in the social business idea developed by Prof Yunus and his view about the role of selflessness in the economy, according to the statement.
During the conference organised by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Prof Yunus highlighted his views about poverty, unemployment and state charity.
He explained to the church leaders how social businesses could create a world free from unemployment, poverty, and dependence on state charity.
"The present conceptual framework of capitalist economy is morally wrong and is based on a very narrow interpretation of human beings, which assigns a role which is antagonistic to the unleashing of basic human qualities of sharing and caring," Yunus said.

Micro-usury is the current rage at the Vatican.  Anyone can see the Novus Ordo church has compassion for the poor!

Recall the earlier post, The man centered religion of Francis, of the Novus Ordo Missae, of the second Vatican Council, and of the New World Order, which discussed the conference Mohammed Yunus spoke at.  The topic wasn't Christ, the Kingship of Christ, or Christian economics.  Instead the focus was on man and how when man isn't the center everything goes bad.

Fittingly since he supports usury albeit on micro-terms (it is still usury) it would not surprise Dante Alighieri one bit that Dr. Yunus also is a supporter of sodomy.  He should have fit in well with Francis and the pack of sodomites at the Vatican.  As Archbishop of Argentina, Jorge Bergoglio helped pave the way for the bankers.  Once they saw he could do their economic bidding on a regional level they saw to it he was promoted so that they could implement a similar plan to plunder the people of the world of the few assets they have left.  Francis' role is to give everyone spiritual hugs and talk tough while leading his flock to the poorhouse where they will be sheared before putting them on the path to perdition.

Islam, sodomy, and usury, it's all good to Francis,
as long as Christ is left out of it!

Francis' poor church
 Following the teachings of Francis will lead you not
 only to the poorhouse but also make 
one spiritually bankrupt!


  1. They could always try financing this project with Vatican Bank laundered funds - is that clean enough?

  2. The awful factor in all this is that Francis believes this nonsense

  3. Peace of The Risen Christ be with all of You.

    Instead of doing his Job he was elected to, that means to strengthen the catholic faith , refuting error and combat heresies and finally leading the souls to heaven
    Pope Francis is trying to solve Worlds major Economic Problems without God and contrary to Gods Teaching.....

    Yes the world economy was waiting for You Pope Francis to solve all the World Economic Problems......

    And You Pope Francis will succeed in doing it, like you succeeded to make Peace between Israel and Palestinians with your prayer meeting in Rome......

    PAX Vobiscum



    To avoid misunderstandings that was meant ironically.

  4. Who pays the airfares etc of these people who come to the Vatican or attend Vatican sponsored interfaith/meetings? The Parsees of India will NOT allow a non Parsee/Zoroastrian to enter any of their temples, yet, Zoroastrian priests are seen at almost every Vatican shindig. Have (other peoples') money, the why not travel?

  5. Peace of The Risen Christ be with all of You.

    @"Who pays the airfares etc of these people who come to the Vatican or attend Vatican sponsored interfaith/meetings?"

    I think that the average (Novus Ordo) Catholic fro Germanic Countries pays this travels.

    That means that average (Novus Ordo) Catholics from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their CHURCH TAXES are paying those tickets.

    I think Vatican has become very dependant of the Germanic Churches because of their Church Taxes Money.

    That is the reason why germanic bishop can put the vatican and the popes under such pressure.

    Many other Bishop Conferences are dependent of German Church Taxes Money too.

    German Bishop Conferences are financing Church projects throughout the third world-Africa,Asia,South America and eastern europe.

    Sometimes they were financing (through foundations) the salaries of the clergy of a whole country!

    Then those Bishops from poor Countries are quiet when german bishops speak.

    That is one of reasons why we have a such mess in the catholic church nowadays.

    PAX Vobiscum