Friday, October 3, 2014

Photo-op Friday!

Ah so cute!

There is nothing which makes modernism go down easier than an orchestrated photo-op which melts one's heart and also brings one's guard down!


  1. Hutton Gibson had also reported that many of JPII's "spontaneous" actions among crowds of people, were in fact pre-arranged. In fact, in Japan there was actually a rehearsal of one such "spontaneous" event, involving school children and with an American Jesuit priest standing in for JPII

    1. yes exactly - everything with the leaders of the new world order seem to be carefully planned and scripted for maximum brainwashing/psy op effect

  2. ho! ho! ho! All the way to hell!

  3. Well it's natural the recent popes and the hierarchy are good at propaganda, photo ops and playing with the minds of everyone via the media. After all, the media owners and those who run il vaticano are all in the family. Next they'll have Popie Frankie doing a music video or appearing at the Grammy awards alongside 'suor' cristina via video link.