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Kristallnacht 2014

When Francis was but a simple cardinal in Buenos Aires he instituted a Talmudic Jewish / Masonic ritual which was performed on the anniversary of Kristallnacht in a Catholic church. (Click here to see photos from this ritual in 2005.)  As he became more and more important in Argentina, the venue for this ritual became more significant until it was finally performed annually in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral.  Jorge Mario Bergoglio's successor as the head cardinal of Argentina is one Mario Poli who has kept up the practice of celebrating this Talmudic Jewish / Masonic ritual. The Kristallnacht ritual is organized and sponsored by the Talmudic Jewish Community of Lamroth Hakol, the masonic Interfaith Dialogue Committee of B'nai B'rith Argentina, and the Archdiocesan Commission for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires.

We at Call Me Jorge... predict it is only a matter of time until Francis celebrates this ritual in the Basilica of St. Peter's.  After all, Francis has already had talmudic rabbis as guests for a kosher lunch and had one rabbi (that we know of) pray in his pharisaical gear at the tomb of Saint Peter

Great times for the talmudists at the Vatican!

the kosher 'last lunch'

 rabbi Sergio Bergman, a buddy of Francis, praying at the tomb of Saint Peter

Pagina Catolica, a Spanish language blog has written about the 2014 event and transcribed the words of cardinal Poli as well. Below is their entry, Poli: Mi nombre es judío, a mucha honra loosely translated into the English language.

Poli: My name is Jewish, a great honor

Speaking at the commemoration of Kristallnacht 

Pagina Catolica was at the Liturgy of Remembrance of Kristallnacht, held yesterday Sunday November 9th, on Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica, at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires. God forgive you!

The show that was there is the same as ever, and one on which we will in a future post some more reference. Suffice it to say that focuses on a fundamental pillar of the Shoah and equates it to the sacrifice of Christ, who is thus denied.

Here is now is the speech given by Cardinal Poli, at the end of the ceremony. We were struck by the manner in which he tried to please his guests, getting the incarnate cap corresponding to his dignity, he said it placed so that they feel more comfortable. Clearly see that, with this gesture, he wanted to take on the appearance of a rabbi; because the priestly power is not in the "kippah" but not wearing the stole.

In the same sentence, post-conciliar Poli repeated the myth by which the current Jews are our brothers in the common father Abraham; contradicting Jesus Christ Himself said to the Jews who boasted of being children of Abraham, while they wanted to kill him, they were children of the devil (John 8: 31-41).
Was I could not truthfully say that those who reject Christ are sons of Abraham. If they were in the flesh, they are not in the faith which is what matters here.

On the other hand, he was trained to please, he remembered that his name indicates without doubt that his family is Jewish. Thus, it was Rabbi Mario Jorge and now we have Rabbi Mario Aurelio. It is as if there is even a perfect symmetric transition between the names.

Also check amazed by his words, that there is or was a rabbi serving as professor of theology. How can a seminarian, because it is assumed that it was the theology faculty of the Metropolitan Seminary, learn the science of a person who rejects Jesus Christ?

Of course not even once was the Holy Name of the Lord heard during the ceremony. He is the great postponed, the dethronement and forgetfulness are necessary to achieve a coven as we witnessed in Buenos Aires for many years. So when Poli had to wish for peace for mankind seven billion beings "zapateamos "on this planet, he wanted false and vain; as the only true peace that could have based on the kingship of Jesus Christ. What Menvielle father, who was the young Poli in Catholic Scout group, hearing the words of his pupil think?

We are sorry that the audio taken on this vitiated occasion has faults which is not up to the quality of our publications, notwithstanding which we publish it below.Therefore, we also have a transcript of the words of our Archbishop.

Speech of His Eminence Cardinal Poli

Perhaps for our brothers in the common father Abraham still feel more comfortable, I'm going to put this new color from February the Pope gave me back in Rome. [Francis promoted Poli to the level of cardinal hence a red zucchetto]

And I am also convinced that my name, and said to a rabbi We went together professors in the faculty of theology, undoubtedly is of Jewish origin, and say it is great honor.

Among the many words we remembered with a common feeling of pain and hope, I want to say the word that gave us to know who God is; this God who watches everything. Then I'll also mention as Rabbi before me [rabbi Fabian Skornik of the Lamroth Hakol community], a text of Exodus: The third revelation of the name of God which Moses received. For the first and second time God is revealed as it is, which is: I am who I am.

But in the book of Exodus, the third time God appears to Moses and yells, the Lord, the Lord, the God compansivo -Hanmún- -Rahúl- and merciful, patient and rich in kindness -Hese- faithful -Emet- a God rich in mercy.If we can remember and to remember, because this is God rich in mercy put in our hearts, which is well done for love, remember what we must never do: attack the brother.

So we understand how God continually renewed his covenant of love, despite our sins and miseries. So the history of mankind, the history of the Jewish people, our history, is a story of love, sin and renewed alliance of God. A love love that continually renews itself.

In this same mercy the prophets spoke. Hosea, for example has a beautiful text; look how mercy works in the heart of God. Before the sin of men God feels fatigued; is about to destroy but mercy does God repent. And the text of Hosea says: "I was a rebellious heart, I stir the bowels.

The heart of God is a merciful heart and is able to put in our heart that is well done for the love and mercy, his sentiments if we accept it.

I join the request of the rabbi who spoke recently, who said: Let us join in this chain of love and peace. The psalms to pray together, every step we find the divine mercy. How great is your mercy Lord! Or as David, have mercy on me merciful Lord! Continually we find it, but it also reminds us that we will be judged if we acted with mercy.

Mercy for Christians is how forgiving God; so in an exquisite way that forgives sins forgivable, but because it goes beyond what humans can do. The mercy of God forgives unforgivable sins !

And then there is hope, despite our social historical sins ... despite the Shoah, by the mercies of God which opens the horizon of hope.

So I want to say that in emphatic fashion always open the doors of this house to speak the language of mercy. To invoke God forever, the God who is one. The God of all mankind, the God father of these more than seven billion people we are stomping on the planet.

Asking for this God's love, this merciful God, rich in mercy and compassion, which does not release us from your hand, you know forgive, look with hope, which always gives us comfort about past pains/hurts. But we have the pure soul so we could imagine a humanity at peace. May the Lord bless us all tonight, grant us your peace, shalom, to grant us all mercy, amen.

audio of Poli's speech


  1. Scroll to the end of the page and see the ad:

    They are also having a "concert against bullying" on 11/13; 'dogfight: the musical' on 11/16 and an "Interfaith" thanksgiving service:

  2. Dear call me Jorge. Thank for translating our post. You and your readers are able to see the Liturgy of Kristallnach 2012, with Jorge Bergoglio speach here:

    And rebelion for Kristallnacht 2013, here:


    1. Pagina Catolic, thanks for your blog and for reporting on the Kristallnacht services! And thanks for the links to 2012 & 2013. Keep up the good work! CMJ

  3. Hello,
    other stuff coming from the cathedral of Buenos Aires :

    the so-called ""Memorial Mural" inside the Cathedral inaugurated in 1997 by Quarracino.

    Letter from Quarracino to Tanembaum about the Mural.

    Note several pictures of the jews putting small stones on the grave of Quarracino !!! (surely a blessing from the true oecumenism since Vatican II)

    And in 2014, rabbi Sergio Bergman recited a kaddish inside the Cathedral... with the presence of the so-called "catholic" hierarchy !

    Or friend, Jorge Bergoglio, was of course deeply involved :

    Of course, Jorge is an honorary member of the Wallenberg foundation :

    Also, visit this website : (Casa Argentina en Israel – Tierra Santa). Go the archive and choose the year 1997 and the place "buenos aires". Plenty of good documents... ;-)

    1. Thanks!

      Here is a video we posted earlier on Cd. Quarracino, whom Bergoglio replaced.

      Quarracino the first pilgrim primate

    2. Thanks for the link.
      Unfortunately, I can't watch the video. Not available in my country. :-(

    3. It is interesting that they have blocked the video from most of the world.

      We found a copy at this site:

      Or you could try a site like & enter

      You might have to play around some.

  4. Perhaps for our brothers in the common father Abraham still feel more comfortable,

    They are not our brothers; they are from the Synagogue of Satan and they are descendants of the Rabbis who formed Rabbinical Judaism after the destruction of Jerusalem and which destruction was God's punishment for the sin of Deicide.

    That is, Rabbinical Judaism itself is a complete and total rupture from any connection with Abraham whereas those who did accept Jesus as Messias are the true descendants of Abraham.

    The rulers of the Synagogue belonged to the priesthood of Aaron whereas not one - NOT ONE - of the Apostles has anything to do with the priesthood of Aaron but, rather, they are of the priesthood of Melchisedek

  5. "The Jew is necessarily anti-Christian, by definition, in being a Jew, just as he is anti-Mohammedan, just as he is opposed to every principle which is not his own.

    Now that the Jew has entered into society, he has become a source of disorder, and, like the mole, he is busily engaged in undermining the ancient foundations upon which rests the Christian State. And this accounts for the decline of nations, and their intellectual and moral decadence; they are like a human body which suffers from the intrusion of some foreign element which it cannot assimilate and the presence of which brings on convulsions and lasting disease.

    By his very presence the Jew acts as a solvent; he produces disorders, he destroys, he brings on the most fearful catastrophes. The admission of the Jew into the body of the nations has proved fatal to them; they are doomed for having received him... The entrance of the Jew into society marked the destruction of the State, meaning by State, the Christian State."

    (Benard Lazare, Antisemitism, Its History and Causes, pages 318-320 and 328).

  6. Wonder what Jorge would say to a video discussion like this one between Morris and Kaminski

  7. Chabad and the you-know-who have made inroads even into India: