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The Fruits of the “New Springtime” of Vatican II in Italy

Abandoned by God? Italian churches turned into banks, bars, shops (PHOTOS)

Published time: October 31, 2014 14:48

Madonna della Neve church in Como, Italy was turned into a successful car repair shop by the building’s new owners. (Photo by Di Martino)

With the Italian economy crippled by recession, more and more churches are being deconsecrated and sold to private buyers, who repurpose these former houses of God into banks, theaters, night clubs and even car repair shops.

Several thousand churches have recently found new owners, indicating the hard times experienced by the Catholic Church and Italy’s general switch towards secularity.

“I loved all of them. I like places, which have irony in them. And that was the feeling I experienced in all of those churches,” says local photographer, Andrea Di Martino, who visited and took pictures of 70 former churches.

Madonna della Neve church in Como was among the first such churches he visited, inspiring the whole project.

It was deconsecrated in the late 1950s and turned into a successful car repair shop by the building’s new owners.

“When I left it, I realized that I want to learn what’s happened to the rest of those churches,” the photographer said.

Churches in Italy are deconsecrated when the condition of the building makes it dangerous, or when attendance drastically decreases.

They sell pretty well due to being solid structures, with high ceilings, usually located in the centers of towns and villages.

In the port town of Ugento, clerics had to clear the St. Philomena church so that court hearings could be held there. (Photo by Andrea Di Martino)

The Santa Lucia church in Montescaglioso fell into the hands of sports fans, who decorated the walls with football posters and also installed a Ping-Pong table. (Photo by Andrea Di Martino)
 A church in Salerno, dating back to 1,000 AD, has been turned into a museum of the local medical school. (Photo by Andrea Di Martino)

The former Santa Sabina church, which was completed in 1036, has served as a bank for the last four decades. (Photo by Andrea Di Martino)

A multimedia library found its home at Milan’s former church of Santa Teresa, which was built in 1694. (Photo by Andrea Di Martino)

A former house of God in Viareggio, which was deconsecrated in 1977, became a pizza place, named ‘La Chiesina’ (the [little] church). (Photo by Andrea Di Martino)

Repurposing defunct church buildings is a practice common not only in Italy, but in other Western European nations as well. In 2008, Dutch bookstore chain, Selexyz, turned a 1294 church in Maastricht into one of the most famous book shops in the Netherlands.

Source: Russia Today


  1. This is heartbreaking...

  2. All nations fail without Christ, even the one which holds the Holy See within its borders. It's not surprising that Italy is a dying nation. Let's pray that they reconvert to Christianity before it's too late and the Muslims, who still have children, take over.

  3. This is MORE than heartbreaking. This is criminality at work!! This is a crime against the Holy Trinity. This nails Jesus Christ to the Cross over and over again. It is contemptible because the hierarchy is a contemptible bunch of miscreants who should be tossed out on their heads, whereupon they can go beg, like the lapdogs they are, at the feet of their fifth column handlers.

  4. The ping-pong table ! I thought that it was a novus ordo altar :-)
    Not surprising though !
    Churches are closing or being demolished while mosques are taking over. This is just the fruit of apostasy. And this is just the beginning !
    No pessimistic words here but just the picture of the reality.

  5. Many formerly Catholic churches in the US have been turned into private homes for yuppies, just like the yuppies that bought up the gold lined chalices to use as wine glasses for their upper crust dinner parties. I'm certain you could find similar photos of churches in the US that have been turned into private homes, bars, pizza parlors, etc. One was mentioned by novus ordo watch that Buffalo NY archdiocese sold both the church and the accompanying convent/monastery/rectory to Buddhist monks and thought it was a 'good thing' since it would still be a 'spiritual place.' All I can say is bring out the sackcloth and ashes for those of us who think this is totally disgusting. God has every reason to let Wormwood and/or the 3DD happen ASAP with all of this going on and 'nuns" singing "Like a Virgin" like it's a good thing.