Saturday, November 29, 2014

The hermeneutic of continuity, praying towards Mecca...


Benedict XVI 

Don't forget, Francis believes he prays to the same 
Allah as the Moslems do!


  1. Read Prophet Daniel - the prophecy for our times and the apostasy of the degenerate post-conciliar ecumenist papacies.

  2. O Dom Lefebvre in his letter to confused Catholics also taught that muslims, along with Buddhists and protestants, could br saved by the desire to do God's will (though whatever that may be and how they distinguish it, he never explains). The FSSPX , the CMRI and the Resistance have the same heretic beliefs as the post Vatican II church, except that somehow these pagans, infidels and heretics are saved through the Catholic Church even though they don't belong to it. But if you dare imply to these 'traditional' Catholic groups that Dom Lefebvre was just as much a heretic as any post Vatican II pope, priest or bishop, they call the wrath of heaven down on to you.
    I am a pre- Vatican II catholic and I was taught to believe in, and at the time everybody DID believe in the doctrine of Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus. If this doctrine wasn't always the doctrine of the Church, why does this phrase exist, just to be interpreted or denied?

    1. Yes, exactly - this is why Fr. Feeney was crucified for insisting on EENS, and his rather prophetical defense that if they gave that up the Church would go down, as I have heard it, seems correct. I have seen this explanation as well to some degree in Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange's TAN book Life Everlasting, which struck me as religiously indifferent, but this is the 'theme' that even my parents were learning as "orthodoxy" in pre V2 Catholic schools and colleges, which is why almost no one protested when the Council began, and why the elderly priest that Bill Strojie quoted said, when the Council was called, that they were 2000 good-for-nothings that didn't believe in the Holy Trinity or the Virgin Birth or the Immaculate Conception, or something along those lines. That priest called the entire 'state' of the clergy correctly, we can see, in hindsight.

    2. Although I was a child at the time, I remember that the changes were not expected and that ordinary Catholics were bewildered and confused. But obedience to priests and bishops had been so instilled into us, that people just went along with the changes. They were very clever in that the changes were introduced little by little but constantly and so Catholics became gradually accustomed to the idea that change was the new normal. If they
      had changed everything at once perhaps the reaction against them would have been greater.
      The trouble is that soon no one will remember how the Church was, and young 'traditional ' Catholics have fallen for the bag of lies that is the FSSPX
      which is more like a protestant calvinist sect than Catholic. I have to laugh at their obsession with women wearing trousers, whilst at the same time they teach that Budhists and Muslims can be saved without baptism. Talking about straining at gnats and swallowing camels. The fact that Catholics nowadays are not even aware of the dogmas of the faith , just shows how traditional Catholic teaching has been erased from collective memory over the past 50 years. I detest the pious, fraudulent, heretical priests of the FSSPX more than other group. With Pope Francis his heretical behaviour is so obvious that even NO catholics might wake up.

    3. If I can take the opportunity to recommend ' While the Eyes of the Great were Elsewhere ' by William Biersach which explains what it was like to be a young catholic before and after Vatican II. Even though he is American and I was brought up in an Irish community in England, his experiences were similar to mine. And even though his family were middle class and his father was a convert, so they were more theologically aware than my working class family, his description of the sense of bewilderment experienced by Catholics at the time mirrors mine. I am a little bit older than Biersach, so I was never catechised by the new catechism and really I had never heard of Baptism of Desire until three years ago, when to my immense shock I read Lefebvre's Open Letter to Confused Catholics.Here was a so-called traditional Catholic teaching doctrine that I had never heard of. Ever since them I have studied this doctrine more and more in an effort to persuade so-called traditional Catholics that it is heresy. But it doesn't matter what arguments I use, what books I recommend, they stubbornly cling to their heretical beliefs.They refuse to believe that with the dogmas of the faith there is no choice. Either you believe them and are a Catholic, or you deny them and are a heretic. It is so disheartening to perceive how people prefer lies to the truth. I have come to the conclusion
      that relativism has so infected the modern mind, that people are unable to
      conceive that there is such a thing as objective, eternal, dvine truths which are the dogmas of the Catholic faith.

  3. Peace of The Risen Christ be with all of You.

    This acts of Pope Francis are saddening me to the bottom of my heart.

    He is breaking publicly and exliplictly first Commandment of GOD
    "I am the Lord thy God, Thou shalt have no other gods before me"

    Pope Francis was praying towards Meca and was united in a prayer with a muslim cleric.

    Because of this Pope Francis prayers were directed to the false Muslim Deity Allah.

    And because of this Pope Francis prayers were not directed
    to the ONE TRUE GOD YHWH,
    the GOD of the Old and New Testament,

    This Actions of Pope Francis are great scandal.

    Lord have mercy on us.

    PAX Vobiscum


  4. Hope all the una cum Catholics realize they are praying right along w/him to idols. Also that someone sends the pic to Asia Bibi (sure she already got the message about creepo a long time ago). What a joke! While Christians are being slaughtered, Rorate and other blogs will make a post and keep him right on the masthead!

  5. He is simply following in the footsteps of his predecessors .When Pope John Paul held the prayer meeting in Assisi ,all Crucifixes were removed or covered and a statue of Our Lady of Fatima was not allowed into the Church ,when a Dominican objected and complained ,he was arrested .Pope Francis has stated he does not believe in a Catholic God ,how did he manage to become Pope and head of a religion whose God he does not believe in .Their concept of the Catholic Church is the Compromise Church .a Muslim prayer meeting was recently held in the Episcopal Cathedral in Washington ,a woman interrupted the prayers by shouting the name of Jesus ,she was removed ,so it looks like all Christian denominations are evicting Christ ,life is so much easier for them without the Cross ,now more then ever He is the sign of contradiction.

    1. Yes, Mazara, the gal at the National Cathedral, who, undoubtedly, was some kind of Protestant heretic, behaved more like a Catholic ought than these novus ordo guys. She reminded me of St. Vincent Ferrar going into the synagogue and raising his arm like Moses telling them if they didn't all accept our Lord they would be damned. Vincent would definitely NOT be popular in the post Vatican II "Church." Bergoglio would find somewhere to exile him far worse than what he did to Burke.

      All these novus ordo antipopes have been antichrists of one kind or another, denying our Lord and the True Faith, the True Vicars and the True Church, substituting their new agey masonic ecumenical "all religions are equally pleasing to God"/Christianity is one face of a many colored robe/there are many roads that lead to God and heaven business. This is what "Mary" at Medjugorje says, what most of the self help gurus like Wayne Dyer and others who promote a pseudo religious fervor for overcoming stress/sadness/disappointment in life offer nowadays, etc. The 'get over your old dogma thing" that Bergoglio promoted right off the bat - and for which Planned Parenthood handily thanked him on Facebook. Then we're supposed to go along with this business of them bowing and scraping to the Mohammedans,for which many Catholics over the centuries died defending Europe from them, especially in Spain. Let's not forget that Paul 666 gave them back the flag the Catholics took at Lepanto. We've had YEARS of these monsters usurping the Vatican and replacing the true Faith with the new antichrist 'faith.' They are as bad as Smaug the dragon in the Hobbit, and like Thorin Oakinshield, the remaining Faithful are wandering the world without a place, for the most part, to rest our heads - but in this Christ is allowing us to follow Him, for He had nowhere to rest His head either. He has a purpose in allowing us to suffer this - and we ought to thank Him daily for the grace to see the apostasy, for look at the masses who embrace it and call it good. Thank God we can see how AWFUL and HORRIBLE IT ALL IS. That is a grace indeed.

  6. In those video's the Pope is not wearing a Crucifix ,but some kind of Shepard Cross,Christ did not redeem the World by carrying a sheep on his shoulder ,but by carrying his Cross ,the Crucifix is the Catholic symbol of Redemption .

  7. It was a Capital offense for a Christian or a Jew to even enter a Mosque and so our modern Popes enter Mosques to pray alongside adherents of a false faith and so, what the hell, let's claim progress :)

  8. Ecumenism has now crossed species ,is this the first Catholic dogs funeral.