Monday, December 15, 2014

Francis invokes Pius XII in the name of modernism

Listen to Francis tell all those who don't want to go along with his revolutionary changes that they are Pharisees! 

 Do his rabbinical friends who follow the Talmud know he is comparing them to Catholics?

- Francis -

Francis prays that Catholics will fall into sin!


  1. Mocking Traditio, ecclesiastical traditions, and the putatively black past of the Church - prior to the enlightenment of V2 - is an activity that confesses hatred of all that came before V2 and it is the mark of the revolutionary.

    These men have no use for the actual Church Jesus established and existed up until V2 and they have no love for the actual church Jesus established and that can be seen in their actions.

    Remember that creepy Mass of confession for the sins of the past by Pope Saint JP II in which he apologised to our enemies?

    Don't ever think for one moment that our enemies do not LOVE to see us mock our own past for it confesses error and signals our rupture with the past and that mocking is a veritable pledge that we will not return to those dark days and this is our new creed - out with the bad old church and in with the church of mercy

  2. Why doesn't Bozo invite his sister and nephew to the Vatican for Christmas (maybe they can attend the Smith Madonna "Virgin" religious concert) so they can catechize us about shame by getting "communion" handed to them by the "pope"? [maybe then they will get 'healed' (that's my prayer for the Bergoglios this Christmas). ]

    Since childhood, José grew up with a very close link to religion. He recounts that his mother is a catechist

    "On March 19, 2013 the Italian Catholic newspaper, Avvenire shared (via NCR) with the world information about their relationship….Her house was still busy with phone calls and visitors, and occasional motorists would still drive by, honking their horns, shouting "Viva el papa," Avvenire reported March 19. Maria Elena and her husband painted the gate to the house yellow and white in honor of the election, the paper reported."

    "The only sibling still alive is his sister, Maria Elena, who has been married twice with a son from each husband"

    1. I hope the synod for the divorced and remarried isn't solely for her.

  3. That explains a lot ,he slipped on a banana once .is prevention not better then cure.

  4. Peace of the Risen Christ be with all of You.

    Yes I am scandalized -almost every week since the beginning of Bergoglios

    Almost every time this man opens his mouth- something scandalous an damaging to human soul is coming out of his mouth.

    Wishing someone to do sin and praying to GOD for it is diabolical.

    Single Mortal Sin can seperate us eternally from GOD if we die unrepented.

    Lord have Mercy on Us.



  5. The actions and pronouncements from PF are those of a narcissistic gas bag designed to draw attention by deliberately creating scandal. May the Lord in His Mercy, end this papacy soon.

  6. These comments reveal that the dissensions within the Church are every bit as bad as we ever thought them to be. If any pope could be described as a "narcissistic gas bag" it was Pius XII who pronounced on every subject under the sun, including plastic surgery, and who actually practiced holy gestures --- check out the youtube video of him doing take after take for the movie camera to get his postures to best effect. And now his defenders are appropriating acts of courage and bravery during the war to enhance his stature. All popes are subject to the temptation of narcissism and speaking too much. They need our prayers, including those who are most likely still in Purgatory, rather than our embalmments and beautifucations and beatifications. Our living Pope needs are prayers too rather than these appalling characterisations. Unity is the greatest prize of our Church. Happy Christmas