Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sister Cristina's dream comes true

Readers of this blog are no stranger to Sister Cristina or her desire to meet Francis.  

"No, but I can not wait to meet him.  I wish he would give me his blessing and a sort of official "mandate" to go into the whole world to sing."

Well, she was in town rehearsing for the Christmas Concert which will take place 12 December 2014 right down the street from the Vatican.  It is quite possible that punk-rocker, Patti Smith told Suor Cristina the best way of meeting Francis is at a general audience as Patti did in 2013.    Today, Cristina used her connections to get a ticket to be in Francis' private guest box at the general audience where she was front and center and...

 She got to meet her modernist hero, Francis!

 Gave his humbleness a copy of her self-titled CD!

 And gushes all over him!

Maybe next time she'll get a spiritual hug!


  1. Here is another case for Conanisation post-conciliar style.

    1. The local novus ordo "conservative' religious goods store already carries holy cards with Berg's picture on them next to the "Saint" Jp2 and John 23 ones

    2. Indeed, one might call it the "inglorious assumption" which was made long before, no matter what, he was a neo-saint. If they are saints then all those who came before were liars & frauds.