Friday, December 19, 2014

the crèche at the Krah's house


  1. The Child is usually added on Christmas Eve.

  2. Yes there is that seal of solomon/so-called Star of David occult thing behind the angel. I have yet to see any substantial 'proof' where that symbol was used by true Hebrews before recent centuries. However, even some evangelical protestant friends I know have taken to wearing this symbol - or even preferring it to their Jesus-less cross they generally used to prefer wearing. One person I know is simultaneously celebrating Hannukah along with Christmas - and yet considers themselves a "Christian." Everywhere around town I see Baptist and other churches doing "Torah" studies and other such things. Having rejected the Church, they are falling prey to the Noachide mentality. And all the world shall be enamoured of the beast? More and more it's as though they don't care that Christ came. They would rather be Jews.