Thursday, December 4, 2014

the Holy See's finances...

...they practice triple entry bookkeeping! for the public, 
another for the church,
and one for themselves.

Francis like Eva Peron wants to keep the money rolling!

The report the Vatican shows the public is its annual budget.  This is the non-profit part of the books which is expected to break even, sometimes it shows a small profit, but most often it shows a deficit.  The for-profit part of the Vatican's books is called the comprehensive annual financial report or something similar to it.  In this is listed all the assets of the Holy See, land, stocks, bonds, etc...  The kicker here is the Vatican depreciates many of their assets away so it appears as if they don't have the amount of assets that they possess in reality.  One example, the pension funds.  The assets controlled by the Vatican in the pension fund show up as assets but they deduct what they estimate they will have to pay out over say the next 50 years and subtract the whole amount now.  Viola you have a near-deficit!  With Francis bringing his revolution to the bookkeeping of Vatican finance don't expect transparent workings or full accountability.  All this is at the end of the day, is a power grab sold to the public as reform.  Expect those in the pews to continue to make-up the "short fall" for the foreseeable future.


  1. When they're done w/the Vatican (and orders), they're going to move to the dioceses (collegiality ya' know): "The cardinal suggested that once the Holy See gets its own financial house in order, it may be time to focus on individual dioceses."

    Pell has got himself a big new office:

    Meanwhile Lombardi is issuing corrections for this new 'umble 'ero: "Just because funds were off balance sheet does not mean they were 'illegal, illicit or poorly administered', says Fr Lombardi"

  2. If La Popessa by Paul Murphy was correct, Pius XI allowed a Jew to come into the Vatican to help with the books, and also took 90 million from Il Duce - Mussolini. Even though I believe Pius XI was a true pope, this SEEMS to be against the decrees of the Council of Florence? if my recollection is correct, about Catholics having business dealings with these people. Of course, nowadays, this would be a virtual impossibility, as they own everything nearly under the sun.
    Allegedly, John Paul I was murdered over dealings with the Vatican Bank according to David Yallop in In God's Name, which the Dimond boys made great business of comparing the anti high priest in the Maccabees who also seemed to prefigure JPI and be involved with matters in the temple treasury - again, I am quoting here from memory of what they claimed in their writings on the matter.
    All those who seem involved in modern 'finance' seem heavily involved with usury, which is against Christ and the Church, and many are engaging in ponzi schemes upon ponzi schemes. Not that I claim to really UNDERSTAND how that all truly works, but....they have come a long way from St. Cajetan and his priests giving the poor loans without interest.