Sunday, January 25, 2015

doves are out & balloons are in!

 Francis loves balloon!

At the Sunday Angelus, Francis had balloons released as a sign of peace.  The balloons replaced two doves which were used in 2014.  Those two doves made world news as one was attacked by a crow and the other by a seagull.  At this point, we at Call Me Jorge... could care less what the loquacious Francis had to say.  We will warn readers that at last year's event he prayed for peace in the Ukraine.  Soon after, things went downhill in that country.  So expect similar things resulting from this year's plea.

2014's release of the 'peace' doves

The dove is a symbol of the Holy Ghost and in modern times a symbol of peace.

The crow, a trickster as well as the bird sent out by Noah to search for land never to return to the ark, attacks one of the doves.

A seagull, attacks the other dove.  The seagull is like Francis in that , he flies into a picnic uninvited, eats all the food, goes to the bathroom, and leaves the mess for someone else to clean up after he flies away.

2015's release of the 'peace' balloons

Francis, like a balloon, is full of hot air!

***** UPDATED 5:18 PM, 26 JANUARY 2015 *****

Not more Doves? Balloons released as a symbol for peace



  1. Are these the same children as last year?

    There seems to be similarities.
    If so, can one find out more about them please?

  2. guess all the evangelicals and sedevacantists online discussing the "beast of the land and beast of the sea" with the raven and the seagull got to him? Who knows?