Friday, January 16, 2015

"Faith should not be mocked!"

...unless you are Francis!

"One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith."

Below are some of the jokes Francis has made about the Catholic Faith. It is not an extensive list but should give the dear reader a general sense of the hypocrisy of Francis. One never sees or hears him mocking Talmudic Judaism, Mohamadism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or paganism. Francis reserves his invectives only for the Faith instituted by Our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

- Francis mocks an altar boy's faith -

"Are your hands bound together? It looks like they're stuck."

- Francis tells blasphemous joke to rabbis -

"a priest that over weeks gives antisemitic talks until Jesus, on the cross, looks at the Virgin,
who was at his side, and says to her,  'Mom, let's go since they don't like us...'"

- Jorge tells a blasphemous joke about Our Lord's Crucifixion -

"It is about a Jewish boy who thrown out of all schools for being unruly until another Jew recommends to the father a "good Catholic school." And it encourages him that, surely, there (they) are going to straighten (him out). The father takes the advice. Thus passes the first month and the boy is very well behaved, without warning (surprisingly). Nor has he behavior problems in the coming months. The father, won by curiosity, goes to the rector to know how he managed this transformation. “It was very simple," replied the priest. "On the first day I took him by the ear and said pointing to the crucifix, ‘That was a Jew like you, if you misbehave, you will end up the same.’"

- Jorge makes a mockery of confirmation -

"In fourth grade I asked my teachers to take communion with my uncle and they accepted," he says pointing to the only picture he has of them from that moment (first communion). I I also had my confirmation with him, and when he gave me the slap (which is part of the ceremony) gave me such a strong smack, my face turned. He looked at me, winked and laughed. It was one of the many jokes that he played on me" 

Why is Jorge Bergoglio kissing confirmands on the check instead of slapping the daylights out of them like he did to his nephew?

For it is impossible for those who were once illuminated, have 
tasted also the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the 
Holy Ghost, Have moreover tasted the good word of God, 
and the powers of the world to come, And are fallen 
away: to be renewed again to penance, crucifying 
again to themselves the Son of God, 
and making him a mockery.

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