Saturday, January 31, 2015

Francis' chesed

- Francis to Neria on the phone -

Woman who had sex change talks about meeting Francis

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  1. Francisco treated the Lesbian that act as a men like a man
    This is a sin of malice because Francis was using affirmative therapy to reaffirm the false gay identity of the lesbian:
    Francis told Lejárraga: "God loves all his children as they are and you are a son of God and the Church loves you and accepts you as you are."

    And also the lesbian also insists on living in mortal sin with another lesbian and have a plan to have "children"

    Lesbian also says that Francis is "god"

  2. Neria says Francis told him not to worry if he couldn’t afford the ticket. “If you have no money, when you’re both here I’ll give you an envelope to cover your expenses, that’s no problem. You know I live with other priests in the Santa Marta guesthouse. When you get here, tell the Swiss Guards you have a meeting with me, and that’s it.”

    Muslims take note. Dress up like a man woman and Bergoglio will fly you to the vatican and give you envelopes of questions asked. That's all there is to it.

    "I live w/other priests" -- nope, he lives with perverts, pimps, pedophiles and panderers, like Msgr Ricca. If you're a priest, Pervert Bergoglio sends wolves to attack you and closes you down on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception --what does perverted filth have against the Blessed Virgin Mother and children?

  3. Notice how CNN - in league w/McCarrick, Dolan & the rest of the American fairysees -- doesn't report that the woman's 'wife' (perverted sex mate) also attended the meeting:

    "And Pope Francis embraced him [sic] yesterday in the Vatican. In the presence of his wife, which very soon will form a family" (Oh why does GOD permit kids to suffer? boo hoo hoo the Pope embraces perverts who abuse children -- but CNN doesn't report that!)

    Y el Papa Francisco ayer le abrazó en El Vaticano. En presencia de su mujer, con la que muy pronto formará una familia."

    Rorate reported: