Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Francis' Hasidic concept of the god of surprises

Recently, we have posted, Reading Francis through Heschel, and re-posted an entry from Maurice Pinay, Pharisee Pope Francis teaches for doctrine the contrivances of the rabbis, which show Francis' ideas come straight out of the Hasidic branch of Talmudic Judaism.
Francis met with young people during his recent trip to Manila.  In his remarks to them, he touched upon one of his favorite themes which was that 'God is a God of surprise'. 

"Real love is about loving and letting yourself be loved. It’s harder to let yourself be loved than to love. That is why it is so difficult to come to the perfect love of God. We can love Him but we must let ourselves be loved by Him. Real love is being open to the love that comes to you. The love that surprises us. If you only have information you are not surprised. Love surprises because it opens a dialogue of loving and being loved. God is a God of surprise because He loved us first. God awaits us to surprise us. Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God. Let us not have a computer psychology that makes us think we know it all. All answers on computers - but no surprises. The challenge of love. God reveals himself through surprises.
Think of St Matthew. He was a good banker. But he let people down because he imposed taxes against his own people to give to the Romans. He was full of money. Jesus passed by, looked at him and said: “Follow me”. He couldn’t believe it. It you have the opportunity, see Caravaggio’s picture of him. Jesus calls him and those around say: “Him? He betrayed us! He is no good! He hoards money!” But the surprise of being loved overcomes him. The day when Matthew left home for work, saying goodbye to his wife, he couldn’t imagine he would come home without money and have to prepare a feast for the one who loved him first. God surprised Matthew more than the money he had. Allow yourselves to be surprised by God. Don’t be afraid of surprises. They shake the ground beneath our feet and make us insecure, but they move us forward in the right direction."

The first time we became aware of this idea which Francis encourages was in his closing address to the Synod on the Family.

One, a temptation to hostile inflexibility, that is, wanting to close oneself within the written word, (the letter) and not allowing oneself to be surprised by God, by the God of surprises, (the spirit); within the law, within the certitude of what we know and not of what we still need to learn and to achieve. From the time of Christ, it is the temptation of the zealous, of the scrupulous, of the solicitous and of the so-called – today – “traditionalists” and also of the intellectuals.

He returned again to this theme in 19 December 2015 in a homily,

"From sterility, the Lord is able to restart a new lineage, a new life. And that is the message of today. When humanity is exhausted and can no longer go forward, grace comes, the Son comes and Salvation comes. And that exhausted Creation gives way to a new creation.”

"This too makes me think of our mother Church and of so much sterility within our Mother Church: when because of the weight of the hope in the Commandments, that pelagianism that all of us carry within our bones, she becomes sterile. She believes she is capable of giving birth… no, she can’t! The Church is a mother and only becomes a mother when she opens to the newness of God, to the strength of the Spirit. When she says to herself: "I do everything, but I’ve finished, I can’t go forward!”, the Spirit comes.”

"And today is also a day to pray for our Mother Church, because of so much sterility within the people of God. A sterility arising from egoism, from power … when the Church believes she can do everything, that she can take charge of the consciences of the people, walk along the road of the Pharisees, of the Sadducees, along the road of hypocrisy, yes, the Church is sterile. Let’s pray. That this Christmas our Church may be open to the gift of God, that she may allow herself to be surprised by the Holy Spirit and be a Church that gives birth, a mother Church. Many times I think that in some places the Church is more like an entrepreneur than a mother.”

The Child and the Thief

In the book, Hasidic Tales: Annotated & Explained, by Rabbi Rami Shapiro, there is the story of a rabbi who wants to obtain enlightenment concerning the Ten Principles of Divine Service, so he visits his rabbi for advice.  His rabbi tell him that he can learn the first three principles from a child and the last seven from a thief.  Rabbi Shapiro in his notes to this tale explains some of the qualities of God.

Francis has even borrowed the concept of a child's love for his mother as being like a person's love for god from Hasidism.  Francis homily on 11 December 2015,

“God’s closeness is such that he is presented like a mother, a mother who talks to her baby, and sings lullabies to her baby” The Pope said that the mother even taken on the voice and the language of a child so much so she can seem ridiculous if one does not understand how great the context actually is..."

Barbara Lerner Spectre, who is infamous for one of her anti-Christian quotes (see video below) and is trying to eradicate Christianity from Europe, also believes in a God of surprises.  In an essay she wrote on Judith, the hidden heroine of Hannukah one reads,

straight from Barbara's own mouth

Interestingly, Francis with his pro-illegal immigration policy appears on the surface to also share in this goal of transforming Europe's religious demographics.   We guess Francis would sum it up by chuckling and saying, 'God is going to surprise the Europeans.'  On the return flight to Rome from Manila Francis taught,

"That example i mentioned shortly before about that woman who was expecting her eighth (child) and already had seven who were born with caesareans.  That is an irresponsibility (That woman might say) 'no but I trust in god'  But God gives you methods to be responsible. Some think that, excuse me if i use that word, that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No. Responsible parenthood! This is clear and that is why in the church there are marriage groups, there are experts in this matter, there are pastors, one can seek and i know so many, many ways out that are licit and that have helped this. you did well to ask me this"

This sounds to our ears as if Francis telling Catholics it is OK not to have large families.  Yes, he does use the word 'licit' but in today's world of the poorly catechised, how many know and understand what Francis was saying?  (We are giving Francis every benefit of the doubt here.)  We fear that like the media all that the listener heard was 'good Catholics shouldn't breed like rabbits'. 

In a future essay we hope to write, we plan on addressing Francis' theme of 'encountering God' and how this concept has also been adopted from Hasidism which considers it one of the central tenets of their man-made religion.

This brings us at Call Me Jorge... to ask rhetorically, why doesn't Francis take his concepts of God from the tradition of the Catholic Faith as handed down by the Church? 


  1. “It you have the opportunity, see Caravaggio’s picture of him. Jesus calls him and those around say: “Him? He betrayed us! He is no good! He hoards money!”

    First: It seems to me that Pope Francis doesnt like St. Matthew, the Evangelist and Apostle.

    Second: This is not the first time Pope Francis points to one of his favorite painters, Caravaggio. But Carravagio´s paintings are ugly from a Catholic point of view.

    Maybe this one of the reasons he likes him so much:

    “In his art, Caravaggio injected naturalism into both religion and the classics, reducing them to human dramas played out in .the harsh and dingy settings of his time and place by unidealized figures selected from the fields and the streets”

    Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Concise History of Western Art
    By Fred Kleiner

    His infamous painting “Death of the Virgin” was rejected by the Carmelite Fathers of Santa Maria della Scala.because Mary, instead of queenly was perceived to be “some dirty prostitute from the Ortaccio”.


    Carravagio was seen as a rebel by “those around”:

    Caravaggio: Realism, Rebellion, Reception

  2. "God surprised Matthew more than the money he had. Allow yourselves to be surprised by God. Don’t be afraid of surprises. They shake the ground beneath our feet and make us insecure, but they move us forward in the right direction.""

    Unless it's a baby!!!!! Then go for the money!!!! [Jews 93% for abortion


    In Montgomery County, MD - richest county in the U.S. the gov't works hand in hand w/the Jews to make sure as few (poor) babies as possible see the light of day!


    ALL are saved -- unless it's a new BABY!!!!! Then (Surprise!): "there are pastors, one can seek and i know so many, many ways out that are licit" SO MANY? He knows SO MANY 'ways out' that are licit? (big hint that he doesn't mention one of them! It's so licit that you have to go to your (bad wolf fairy) pastor privately so he can whisper it in your ear). I know ONE: Abstinence!

    What kind of father is he? He's a fat rotten pig who worships his belly -- another child will be less food for him! Less money for the fairysees and vipers devouring the Body of Christ!

    Meanwhile look at the obscene (surprise!) salaries of all these baby killing charity wimmen he's promotin' who are heppin' themselves (like the Obamas, Clintons, McCarricks & Francis') to all the money that's supposed to go to the poor (and hiring Wall Street accounting firms and publicists to get more and more moola! moola! moola!):

    Killer Keehan $1 million

    Carolyn Woo - CRS $500,000 + $1.2 million stock sold in last 3 years



    "Carolyn Woo, president of Catholic Relief Services, said the U.S.-based international relief agency mourns Mandela’s passing, calling him “a champion in the struggle for justice and equality for all.”"

    Donna Markham ($353,707)


    Chief Executive Larry Snyder, President Compensation* $353,707 - See more at: http://www.give.org/charity-reviews/national/human-services/catholic-charities-usa-in-alexandria-va-1049#sthash.4Zy9WCA8.dpuf

  3. Hi CMJ,

    Following up on the comments regarding Caravaggio, Wikipedia says:

    [he] never married and had no known children, and Howard Hibbard notes the absence of erotic female figures from the artist's oeuvre: "In his entire career he did not paint a single female nude."[38] On the other hand, the cabinet-pieces from the Del Monte period are replete with "full-lipped, languorous boys ... who seem to solicit the onlooker with their offers of fruit, wine, flowers - and themselves."

    Take a look for example at Caravaggio's " Boy with a Basket of Fruit ". I can only describe this as disturbingly homo-erotic art.

    Even the painting of St. Matthew that bergoglio has mentioned on various ocassions is IMO also homo-erotic -- or else why does the artist focus so much on the legs of men which are spread wide apart?

    IMO bergoglio is dropping hints regarding his sexual tendencies -- whether or not he actually has ever engaged in such sexual activities. Is there any doubt that he has a very favorable attitude towards homosexuality?

    bergoglio mentioned many favorite artists in his early interviews and many of them are homosexuals.

    And of course there is the infamous "who am i to judge" quote... but when it comes to mothers with more than 2 or 3 children bergoglio is very quick to judge... and very harsh in his judgement...

    So it is clear to me that bergoglio has no issues with sexual deviants... but he has many issues with Catholicism... in both the theological and cultural sense...

    he hates Catholicism and he loves sexual deviants... what other conclusion can any logical person possibly come to?

    Of course he hates Catholicism since it condemns the things he loves...

    ... and bergoglio is not alone in this among today's Catholic priests, nuns and laity...


  4. very good; i know bergoglio to be a gnostic, a follower of the cabala; if catholics had studied what the cabala is all about, they would discern the code language gnostics use all the time - 'the god of suprises' is just one of the many different subjects - god of surprises because the cabala has no dualisms, therefore one can expect anything; also cos it refers to the believe of a divine spark hidden in our 'hearts', 'the spirit', the 'reasure', the 'mystery of god' !! Once the code is decoded, all is in the open ! everytime beroglio opens his month, is to talk about the cabala, only disguised with catholic terminology.

  5. "cabala has no dualisms"


    This is good insight. The Novus Ordo's Doctor of Philosophy Martin Buber (who Francis and Benedict had a great devotion to) said it clearly:

    "The indwelling Glory [of god] embraces all worlds, all creatures, good and evil. And it is the true Unity. How then, you ask, can it bear in itself the opposites of good and evil? But in truth there is no opposite, for Evil is the throne of Good." (Martin Buber, Hasidism and Modern Man, p. 200)

  6. More on Barbara Spectre here including lots of screen grabs of her spewing her venom...


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