Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Francis 'impromptu' visit to Mahabodhi Biharaya... know, the temple built around a Bodhi tree grown from a branch of the original Bodhi tree
 under which Siddhartha Gautama (aka Buddha) attained 'enlightenment'

On arriving his first day in Sri Lanka, Francis sat down to an inter-religious dialogue.  At this meeting he donned a uttariya shawl which was a gift from Sri Lankan Hindu priest Kurukkal SivaSri T Mahadeva.

Inter-religious dialogue!

Francis followed this behavior today with, as reported by John Allen, Jr.,

"The unscheduled stop, which the Vatican spokesman said lasted roughly 20 minutes, came after Francis had returned from an excursion earlier on Wednesday to a Marian sanctuary in northern Sri Lanka..."

Francis in the Mahabodhi Biharaya Buddhist temple.

Isn't that Catholic?  Visiting a Marian shrine and on the way home stopping by a Buddhist temple!  Who does Francis believe God is?  Oh, but it's for inter-religous dialogue so it must be OK.  Please, this is not Catholic behavior and sets a bad example. Allen continues,

"While there, according to a Vatican spokesman, Francis was shown a room with a statue of the Buddha and two other holy figures in Buddhist tradition. His hosts also showed him a jar containing relics that are only opened occasionally, but which they opened for him.

There was also singing, during which the spokesman said the pope “listened respectfully.”

While not an absolute first, given that Pope John Paul II called upon a Thai Buddhist leader named Vasana Tara in a Buddhist center during a visit to Bangkok in 1984, Francis’ stop was certainly unusual."

We are not aware of any official photos of the opening of the Buddhist relics during Francis' visit.  These photos archived on google are of the opening of these same relics in 2012.

***** UPDATED 20.01.2015 *****

You have to be joking, it's OK because Francis "listened respectfully" and St. John Paul II had visited a Buddhist temple.  An Associated Press staff reporter wrote,

"The Vatican spokesman said Francis didn’t pray or meditate at the temple, but rather listened respectfully as the monks sang and prayed when they opened the stupa containing important Buddhist relics."

Francis making new friends at the Mahabodhi Biharaya Buddhist temple.

 America, the National Catholic Review has the following gem,

"Lombardi said the Pope took of his shoes before entering the temple, and inside the monks showed him the relics of two holy men kept in a stoupa, who were close to the Buddha, and sang a prayer. Normally the stoupa is only opened once a year, but they made an exception for the Pope. This was a sign of his intent to foster as far as possible the dialogue with other religions, according to Lombardi. John Paul II also entered a temple in Thailand in 1994."

St. John Paul II prays to Buddha (at 1 min 8 seconds)

What a great example of Benedict XVI's hermeneutic of continuity in action!

Is that a funeral face on Francis?

The road to perdition is paved with inter-religious dialogue and syncretism!

Francis and a skinny looking Buddha.

Francis at Mahabodhi Biharaya Buddhist temple

See 45 seconds for his visit.

***** UPDATED 20.01.2015 *****
Francis at the opening of Buddhist relics


  1. Thank God he is not bringing a statue of Buddha back to Rome to place on the Tabernacle .

  2. Poison Gruber Pavone 1/9/15 telling “faithful Catholic” prolifers why he won’t obey contraceptive mandate: at 34:10 “I told them Jesus Christ has transformed our politics. The very reason you are sitting here today as representatives of the people is because Christianity has transformed politics into a representative form of government. Because what it was before in the pagan view of government the people don’t count. You’ve heard the expression before, ‘the law comes from the mouth of the king.’ The king gets up one morning and decides this is going to be the law today. This is going to be the policy. The people have no input into it and they have no recourse against it. The law comes from the mouth of the king. The people’s voice, the people’s opinion, the people themselves don’t count. But when Christ came, He taught us that we all have access to God. He taught us that we are all sons and daughters of God. He taught us that we could share the very nature of God. Well, then the people count! And the authority has to recognize that. And therefore authority becomes service. That’s what I told your members of Congress.” [Isn’t U.S. modeled after pagan Roman Republic? What about pagan Athens? Manages to attack Christ the King, the Papacy, the Church and give impression Jesus instituted polling the people for sin-nods]
    At 43:32 won’t obey because: “pinch of incense…doesn’t matter how big or small the action is—it’s what it means.”
    At 47:50 will pray (again) w/contraceptors: “We will be coordinating and I will be preaching at the ecumenical service at Constitution Hall. We’ve been there the last few years. This service has actually been going on for 20 years, but the last few years we’ve used Constitution Hall and this year we want to fill it up. That is a beautiful venue and I’m sure most of you have been there at some time or other—we’re going to have clergy from dozens of denominations and we’re gonna have a beautiful worship service. I’ll start with a Mass at 7:30, but then the interdenominational service will start at 8:30 and not only will it fire you up spiritually, but if you want to for yourself—and for anyone else you can bring—to have a really unique EDUCATIONAL experience of the UNITY of the BODY OF CHRIST you are going to see a sight that you don’t see very often. Bishops and priests and deacons of DOZENS of different denominations and all in their different vestments walking in together, singing together, standing up together and saying, ‘Yes, we believe in the Lord of Life and we want our unborn brothers and sisters protected!’ (WE WANT = WORSHIP) This for me is one of the most inspiring moments of the YEAR and I am confident it will be for you as well… a beautiful prayer experience.”
    Funniest: 16:41: “How far would you go if a law were passed saying that you could not PARTICIPATE in the mass? Would you obey that?”
    video here:

    Scariest – POL is also coordinating the youth rally and the two tee shirts they are selling seem to say (1) “Abortion NEVER Evil” and (2) “I Survived Roe vs Wade Survive Me”

    1. The second reply by Anonymous seems to be a rant about Fr. Frank Pavone. Why is it posted here? The comment's final statement is WRONG that the tee shirts "seem to say (1) Abortion NEVER EVIL" and (2) "I Survived Roe vs Wade Survive Me"
      The photos at reveal the correct statements on the tee shirts:

      the first tee shirt reads: "I SURVIVED ROE VS. WADE
      Stand True"
      the second tee shirt reads: "ABORTION IS NEVER A NECESSARY EVIL

  3. Is there a link to subscribe to your blog? I wasn't able to find one.

    1. We added a follow by email box. We hope this is the same as subscribe. We apologize for not understanding the ins-and-outs of blogger.

  4. And he didn't hide his pectoral cross?