Monday, January 26, 2015

Francis is the company he keeps

 God created her a female but that wasn't good enough for Neria Lejárraga.

This past weekend, Francis received a 'transgendered' person, who styles herself Neria Diego Lejárraga.  See dear reader, Neria Lejárraga was a female for the first 40 years of her life.  She didn't like the way God created her so she did something about it.

After many plastic surgeries, hormone treatments, and physical surgeries she became a he, at least in her mind and began to call herself  Diego.  Fast forward to the present day when Neria who according to her words was a member of a devout Catholic family was told by her parish priest, "How dare you come here with your condition? You're not worthy," at communion. This priest later told her, "You are the devil's daughter," when he saw her in the streets. Neria decided to do something about it and wrote a letter to Francis. What do you think happened next?

- Is Neria there? Err, I mean is Diego there? -

That's correct, Francis read the letter and called Neria to talk. A second phone call set the date and time for Neria and her female fiance to come for a visit at the Vatican. The time was 5:00PM, the place Casa Santa Marta, and the date 24 January 2015. Not much is known of what transpired in the private meeting. According to Neria, Francis gave her a 'spiritual' hug, they talked, and Neria says she now feels a man at peace. The Vatican has not yet commented on the latest antics of Francis.

- Francis on the phone -

Neria (Diego) with glasses and her fiance in Rome.



  1. God, please save us from this evil pope!

  2. he* and diego*

    Lord Willing Lord Forgive.

    there are five or six parameters to biological sex . transfolk can address a number of these medically, prosthetically, etc. and chromosomes arent always as "cut and dry" as theyd seem in this. Lord Willing Lord Forgive be i or any wrong or offbase For God So Loved the world He Gave His Only Son