Saturday, January 3, 2015

I ♥ Pope Francis the Musical

Holy Smoke!

Francis the Musical opens

more Filipino news coverage

the new evangelization in the Philippines...

...with 24 original songs!

...includes an apparition of St. Peter 
appearing to Francis!

Francis sings to St. Peter,

“I am the rock, they say I am. But I am not the truth, You are. I’m just a pebble at your feet, your humble servant beneath your seat.”


  1. This is what happens when the gay mafia takes over the Church.

    News flash to the priest in the video who thinks this will attract people to the Catholic Church. In fact it will do the exact opposite. Anyone with any real Catholic faith will go running for the exits.

    This will do wonders for the evangelicals and muslims who are actively proselytizing in the Philippines. I can imagine them mailing out colorful pamphlets featuring photos from "I love Pope Francis -- the musical" and following them up with home visits saying... Is this the kind of church you want to belong to?... Is this the church you want to raise your children in?...

    This just in... the father of lies in his review of this new anti-Catholic musical sensation says, "bravo... this really touched me... keep up the good work... i couldn't have done this any better myself..."

    Parody? Who needs parody? We've got bergoglio... as pope... ha!

  2. Having lived and worked in SE Asia for nearly 20 years, that the Philippines should come out with this garbage is no surprise. They've taken over the church in that region and turned it into a liberal modernist Latino jamboree. Frankly, this papacy, such as it is will help real Catholics to realise how fortunate they are to be outcasts from "fools communion" with Rome. Francis certainly cannot and does not fool a real Catholic who knows what he stands for. He is an enemy of The Church and a complete fraud.

  3. And the living nightmare continues.
    When some traditionalists tell me that they feel as though Jesus will soon return to make this all go away I reply, that there is much, much more pain, suffering and humiliation headed our way because it is deserved.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! We ain't seen nothin' yet!! God have mercy on us!