Friday, February 6, 2015

the Vatican showers are now open!

...and on another note,

St. Peter's Dome protestor charged 
with 'offending a place of worship' when are the charges coming for Bergoglio?


  1. First off, will the homeless actually use those showers? Highly doubtful. I am laughing at the barber facilities, they may atrophy from non use. Rather than have idiotic showers, pass vagrancy laws, go back to the old days when vagrancy was a crime and an arrestble offense. Give them a choice of work-rehabilitation, the disabled housed-institutionalized where they receive a roof over their heads, three square meals a day,with chores to be performed and religious services to be attended and prayers to be prayed. Oh dear I am sorry if that's too logical and makes too much sense.

    No no... the liberal crackpot modernist ideology is to tolerate their sloth (sin, laziness) let them illegally squat (trespass) on private and public and or property and create a cottage industry of paying if not in monies then time of grooming homeless too lazy to groom themselves. And follow the Bergoglio modernist freemason mentality of NOT proselytizing them to live a better more moral Godly life attend mass, pray get a job, a residence.By the way who will maintain those showers, cleaning plumbing general maintenance? I can see it now the novus ordo ABCD charity drive, no homily will be preached this day in our invalid novus ordo mass in order to show you in this film how your money will be spent, join use as we travel to the colonnades in Saint Peter's Square, newly built showers for the homeless etc ends. ughhhhhhh.

    As for the protester offending a place of worship... we should start with all the conciliar popes these popes have been offending the place of worship (Vatican) for decades i.e. False Saint John Paul II kisses Koran at the Vatican, no that did not offend God or place of worship...yeah right and i'm Santa Claus.

    Dear CMJ
    Slightly off topic I hope you do a post on this evil president's vile evil attack on Catholic\ Christianity it was like satan was speaking those words. I was ANGRY AND FURIOUS. I did my own post on the subject in case you wish to read it @ I was deeply hurt that many Catholics were silent on the issue, two supposedly running for president Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum, SOH John Boehner and a few others. Also even those that profess to be Christians, mum not a peep. I pray and hope you will dedicate a post to that. WE CATHOLICS MUST SPEAK OUT BOLDLY WITHOUT FEAR.
    God♥ Bless You and the work you do CMJ♥

  2. So are the facilities unisex or "transgender"? At night do they double as brothels?

  3. There is no shortage of charitable organisations in Rome who assist the homeless with meals ,and other facilities,many run by religious orders ,really no need to put showers in the Vatican ,its like using it as a shop window to advertise charity , The Church has always assisted the poor ,and never felt the need to broadcast it.

  4. Don't you dare to drop the soap in th showers . . . Mons. Ricca is hanging around

  5. Not all Jesuits are bad.

  6. All the showering, shampooing, conditioning & deodorising in the world ain't gonna improve on the horrid stench of apostasy & corruption which is eminating from the Vatican occupants. Poor Pope Saint Pius X & Pope Pius IX, two incorruptibles surrounded by nothing but corruption!