Friday, March 27, 2015

Francis to meet with the Waldensians

Who are the Waldensians?  They are the oldest sect of heretical Protestantism, which is so old it originated four centuries before the word Protestant was coined!

Peter Waldo, Valdo, Valdes, or Waldes , 
also Pierre Vaudès or de Vaux (1140 AD – 1205 AD)

The Vatican recently released the schedule of Francis for his visit to the city of Turin, Italy.  The official purpose of the trip is for Francis to make a pilgrimage to view the Shroud of Turin.  Tucked away in the schedule is a mention of a stop on 22 June 2015 at Tempio Valdese.  It will be the first time a pontiff has ever entered a Waldensian church.  The Waldensian religion originated in the 12th century and is considered the oldest Protestant religion in existence.  As the years have passed the Waldensians have aligned themselves with various heretical sects and today's modern Waldensians see themselves as inheritors of the so-called reforms of Huldrych Zwingli and John Calvin.  In Italy, the Waldensians have aligned themselves with the Methodist churches.

The inscription over the entrance reads, "Believe in Jesus Chrit and you will be saved."
Tempio Valdese, Torino, Italia which Francis will visit.

Francis is scheduled to meet Waldensian dignitaries in the Tempio Valdese for one hour and a half.  Sometime in that period all parties involved will publicly pray the Lord's Prayer together.  In August 2014, Francis reached out to the group by sending a message to the Waldensian Methodist Synod in Italy.  What make this whole thing interesting is that the Waldensians are opposed to the veneration of any relics as well as all the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Remember, Francis' reason for going to Turin is to see the Shroud.  Francis will probably chalk it up to the 'god of surprises' he believes in.  We feel if St. John Bosco were alive today, he would chase Francis from the city limits of Turin unless his faithful dog Grigio had beat him to it.  St. John Bosco was not known for his tenderness towards the Waldensians.  The reason for this besides them being heretics is the Waldensians made several unsuccessful attempts at assassinating St. John Bosco.

St. John Bosco died in Turin & his major shrine, the Basilica 
of Our Lady Help of Christians, is located there.


  1. St. John Bosco must be a "doctor of the law" like St. John the Baptist.

    "And he shall speak words against the High One, and shall crush the saints of the most High: and he shall think himself able to change times and laws, and they shall be delivered into his hand until a time, and times, and half a time." Daniel 7:25

  2. Raider Fan and The Bride were in Turino years ago and our tour guide neglected to mention that the Masons (it was probably them) set fire to the Chapel in an attempt to destroy the Shroud and it was a miracle it survived the fire, so, Raider Fan told the truth to our group and he was met with indifferent skepticism.

    C'est la vie.

    In any event, as we walked on, he spoke with the guide who confirmed she was an indifferentist and when pressed as to what she thought to the Shroud, she averred that it likely was a miracle but it was of no consequence to her as everybody who is nice will go to Heaven.

    I fear she spoke for many in that city.

    O, and we can be sure Our Pope and Our Cross will be telling these heretics the truth, right?


  4. Let me add that the Waldesian sect today is very liberal.

    The Waldensians Church blesses gay couples:

    They are like gaypiscopalians today. The Old Waldesians who keep the more strict evangelical roots decry this aberration:

    Of course Bergoglio meets with the most liberal, universalist and indiferentist branches of any cult in his ecumenical expeditions. They are joined in the relativistic, agnostic and humanist view of the world.

    1. Thanks to both anonymous commentors here. Bergoglio is merely carrying on the 'fine traditions" of his apostate usurpers of the papal chair predecessors by making masonic overtures in gnostic brotherhood to the other Satanic-founded false religions of "Christianity" that Jp2 and Ratzinger and Paul VI were wont to do. As I once attempted to point out to my Presbyterian friend who was considering converting to the Church but who was disturbed about Jp2 and Ratzinger's denial of Jesus as the Messiah as he was within his own protestant sect - the Faith was more than just going to a building. So many people cannot grasp that the Faith is a concrete set of apostolic beliefs and dogmas/doctrines left as a deposit to the Apostles and to their successors. This concept seems completely over their heads, especially to Protestants who have been completely brainwashed with this "believe in Jesus and it covers you but go ahead and do whatever you want" business - Luther's "sin boldly but believe more boldly" just stated another way. Most protestants today, especially the 'conservative' ones who clearly can SEE how explicitly the bible condemns homosexuality are scandalized by how the 'lib' protestant sects are all out endorsing such things, but cannot seem to see that their 'believe in Jesus and you are covered" business of sola fide ALLOWS for their "religion" no matter what 'color" it takes in whatever sect it appears in (the devil's theme and variations?) to "accept" whatever sin people choose to engage in, and they really have no theological grounds to stand on since they are NOT SENT and have NO AUTHORITY TO SPEAK IN GOD'S NAME whatsoever. The satanists running the new world order know this and this is why they seek to flock with them while simultaneously persecuting the very few Catholics who actually still hold the Faith as it was for 2000 years pre V2 left, but this is the fulfillment of "power was given to him to make war against the saints and to overcome them." Sorry Raider - these men are NOT my popes. They are the "popes" of freemasonry, of antichrist - but clearly they are the antipopes referred to in the 1500s era Douay Rheims commentary on 2 Thessalonians where the footnotes said if any pope denied the Faith then let the adversaries - i.e. Protestants - call HIM antichrist, since they were out calling the real ones antichrist - and still do to a large extent. This is why when my Catholic former seminarian friend saw years ago in Southern Oregon the billboard from some evangelical group showing jp2 and saying "Here is the Antichrist!" we both said - right concluson for the wrong reasons; but on the other hand, if the fathers who compiled the 1500s era Douay Rheims gave them permission to call these antipopes that then I guess in some strange way God may be allowing them His permission to do so. i certainly agree with their pictures of Ratzinger with devil's horns, though I don't agree with their reasons for doing so. They have their own big planks in their own eyes to deal with.

    2. I am just now realizing in the past month or so that aleistar crowley's Law of Thelema is identical to "faith alone".How ironic that Crowley's father was a protestant minister,eh?

  5. Just like Obama, in the USA, will talk to/meet with ALL the liberals, but not with the true patriots/conservatives/traditionalist.

  6. Knowing the Vatican 2 popes are literally anti christ,how can the sspx " recognize & resist"?

  7. Italy

    «Less than one percent of Italians are Protestant. But Protestant churches have been in the forefront of defending the rights of minorities. So, in the late 1970s - when homosexuality was essentially taboo in Italy - the Waldensian Center of Agape, in Northern Italy, opened its doors to gay believers, and since then has sponsored an annual conference on faith and homosexuality.

    The Waldensian Church has become so popular in Italy's gay community that the national gay and lesbian organizations officially invite their members to sign up for the Waldensian Church when they pay taxes. (Italian law allows taxpayers to allocate a small percentage of taxes, 0.008 percent, to churches of their choice).

    The majority of gay and lesbian Christians who attend the Agape conferences are Roman Catholic. But in 1998, members of the Waldensian, Baptist and Methodist Churches - clergy and lay people, men and women, straight and gay or lesbian - founded the Italian Protestant Network on Faith and Homosexuality.

    "It was not enough to be perceived as a 'liberal' church, said Giorgio Rainelli, the national coordinator of the Network. "The fact is that our churches do not have an official and clear position on homosexuality, and we felt the need to deepen our understanding of inclusiveness, to work out our theological awareness and to be more effective in pastoral care for sexual minorities." As a result of the network's efforts, last year's General Assembly of the Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches agreed to set up a theological commission on homosexuality, which will produce materials for congregational study and report to the next joint Assembly in 2005.

    "The ordination of homosexual ministers has never been a real issue in our churches," said Rainelli, a gay man who is actively engaged in his congregation as Sunday School director »