Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bishop Athanasius Schneider will save the Church with interreligious dialogue!

 “Anything that can bring about a mutual knowledge and respect between religions is a good thing.”

 Schneider with his modernist co-religionists

"Let us be grateful to God that Pope Francis has not spoken in the manner that was expected by the media. Up to now, he expresses in all his official homilies the beautiful Catholic doctrine."
Bp. Schneider, 30 May 2014

Athanasius Schneider wrote in his 2013 article,

A quote from an interview he granted to a French newspaper, Présent, January 10, 2015,
"It is the Vatican II Council that gave a wider understanding of the Mystery of the Church according to the Teaching of the Fathers of the Church […]. Thus, the Church has been seen as “a people made one with the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Lumen Gentium 4) "

In a Latin Mass Magazine interview,
"Ecumenism is necessary in order to be in contact with our separated brethren and in order to love them. From the depth of the challenge offered to us by the new paganism, we may and we must collaborate with non-Catholics who seriously wish to defend the revealed Divine Truth and the Natural Law that God created."

Here's what he said at a conference for bishops in Rome on 17 December 2010,
"Taking account of the experience of several decades since then, of interpretations doctrinally and pastorally confused, and contrary to the continuity, over two millennia, of doctrine and prayer of the faith, the necessity and the urgency rise for a specific and authoritative intervention by the pontifical Magisterium for an authentic interpretation of the conciliar texts with completions and doctrinal clarifications: a type of “Syllabus errorum circa interpretationem Concilii Vaticani II.” There is need for a new Syllabus, this time directed not so much against errors coming from outside the Church, but against errors spread within the Church on the part of those who maintain a thesis of discontinuity and rupture with its doctrinal, liturgical, and pastoral application. Such a Syllabus would consist of two parts: a part marking errors and a positive part with propositions of doctrinal clarification, completion, and precision."

Does he not understand he is one of the errors within of which he speaks?


  1. When I was in the novus ordo, I used to like to sing the novus ordo hymn "One Bread, One Body" which has the lyrics:

    One Bread, one Body, one Lord of all,
    One cup of blessing which WE bless,
    and we, though many, throughout the earth,
    we are One Body in this One Lord.

    It struck me today, that as I used to think this was talking about the Mystical Body of Christ, the real purpose of the novus ordo was to use tunes like this to promote the idea of the one world church of Antichrist. The same lyrics can easily apply there. It creeped me out to think about it. The photos you have posted here just seem to go along with that. Also, the "which WE bless" is like Francis asking the crowd to bless him, rather than vice versa - the priesthood of the people idea. One wonders how much worse God is going to let it get before He decides to intervene. I think these apostates will continue on unabated for some time anyway, at least until Wormwood and the 3DD show up, or something along those lines.

    Thanks always CMJ for your blog.

    1. Oh yeah,it won't get any better most likely.Our priest told us the great apostasy,once it's initiated,doesn't end until the Last Judgement.

  2. Every time I read quotes from Vatican 2 spokesmen,my brain turns off after 2-3 sentences.Their statements are everything except coherent,plain spoken,and direct.

  3. I wonder why, when I run across blogs and blogposts like these, they are always written by people hidden behind pseudonyms. And, people writing in agreement usually don't have the spine to write under their real names either. It allows you to say whatever you want, in whatever condescending way you want. People tend to display rash judgment and mockery of others less when they use their own names. Just sayin'.

    1. I wonder why you want to know our names and faces?

    2. Here are ten reasons

      and, why add the "just saying" after making unjust accusations.

      If you want to accuse the author of this blog of being spineless of being condescending of engaging in rash judgment, just do so forthrightly.

  4. This invalid bishop says "we must cooperate with the new paganism".The V2 sect is now open about their heresy and blasphemy.

  5. Dear Anonymous April 13, 2005 at 2:25 PM (wow it's hard to respond to a bunch of ppl all commenting under 'anonymous')

    It's really simple what my point is. It's not I who cares to know your name and see your face. My point is that people are less apt to show their rash judgment when they aren't hiding behind anonimity. And, they are generally more respectful in how they express their concerns.

    But, everyone has free will to speak and do as they please. There is One, from whom none of us can cloak ourselves in anonimity.

    1. No one is being rude rash or disrespectful.If you ask me similar questions related to these topics in public,my response would be the same.I am not a rude hateful crude soul nor do I encourage disrespect.In fact it's my belief the extinction of chivalry,manners,and traditional etiquette has contributed greatly to our decline.

    2. ......crickets.....

      By the way Diane, whether my name is Cynthia, Carol, James or John, makes no difference whatsoever. I agree with this blog and with a majority of comments made on this blog because the great majority are actually comments from people who have a sensus Catholicus.
      Bsp Schneider doesn't seem to understand that all religions other than Catholicism are part of the 'new paganism'. Apparently neither do you.
      If a bishop can't teach or propagate the Faith, it indicates he was never taught the Faith, or he doesn't understand it, or is an apostate, or is a heretic or is a part of the fifth column.

    3. Diane - those of us using "anonymous" are doing so for our own self protection and preservation. We KNOW who runs the New world order and it's "popes," and it' s not people who actually believe that Jesus is the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. Joseph Ratzinger effectively denied that dogma - basic Catholic stuff Diane - when he wrote THE HEBREW PEOPLE AND THEIR HOLY SCRIPTURES, basically saying that Christ was NOT the Messiah of the Jews and they are "Ok to wait for another" - namely, Antichrist, as Christ our Lord told the Jews they would - I am come in my Father's name and Me you do not accept, but one will come in his own name and him you will? Does that ring a bell to you, Diane?

      I am not saying this in any disrespect, but in total frustration at Catholics who ought to recognize basic heresy and apostasy when they hear it, but choose to "shoot the messenger" of any "anonymous" posters here, if you will, who are knowingly posting under that nom de plume rather than face persecution.

      The persecution is coming soon enough, but let us enjoy whatever respite God has granted us for not going along with the Vatican II GREAT APOSTASY as said by both Fr. Leo Franklin McNamara, whom Padre Pio called a SAINT, and take heed of Padre Pio's warning to Fr. Luigi Villa when he said that the freemasons had gotten into the papal shoes - and I think he said that when Paul VI was there - Paul VI, who 'sat in the temple of God as though he were God, changing all laws." And you think WE"RE the "bad uns" here? Please take off the rose colored glasses and face apostatical reality, for your own salvation's sake. I say this with the utmost charity for your salvation. God bless.