Friday, May 29, 2015

Francis expands his definition of "anti-semitism"

From the Times of Israel article, ‘Not recognizing Israel as Jewish is anti-Semitic, Pope says’
"The comments were sent by the Pope in writing to Cymerman along with Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka, one of Francis’s close interfaith colleagues, after the duo approached him following his meeting with Abbas, Channel 2 reported."

And here is Francis' quote,
“Anyone who does not recognize the Jewish people and the State of Israel — and their right to exist — is guilty of anti-Semitism.” 

Henrique Cymerman mentioned above with Abraham Skorka as one of the two recipients of Francis' email even went to twitter where he sent three tweets out, in Hebrew, in English, and in Spanish, to let the world know Francis said the above.

Recall what Francis said in an interview with Elisabetta Piqué on 7 December 2014,
"I’m constantly making statements, giving homilies. That’s magisterium. That’s what I think, not what the media say that I think. Check it out; it’s very clear. "

...and the Concise Catholic Dictionary (1943) defines Magisterium as,

This isn't the first time Francis has condemned anti-semitism but to our knowledge at Call Me Jorge..., it is the first time he has equated anti-Zionism to anti-semitism.

More examples of Francis speaking on anti-semitism


  1. Francis is in violation of the true Catholic position on the matter as declared by a real saint - Pope St. Pius X who said that the Church does not recognise the Jewish people because they do not recognise Jesus Christ.

    1. Yes, he is violation of true Catholic teaching, just like he is on almost everything.

  2. Pope Francis:

  3. When Israel recognises the Palestinians right to exist then they can talk about rights

  4. When he says that to a group of Muslims (or Secretary of State Kerry) I might consider it more than another sour cristina stinking flattery fart for attention.

  5. So, we Catholics are told to imitate the Saints and ABS agrees; he imitates Pope Saint Pius X whom, according to Franciscus, was an antisemite

    Pope Pius X refused to recognise Israel. As he told Herzog (paraphrase) , you don't recognise and accept Jesus so we can not recognize and accept Israel.

    And when Herzog tried to guilt trip the great Pope - he ran through his litany of the putative crimes against the Jews as a way to rationalize their rejection of the Messias, the Pope noted, y'all had three centuries to accept him and you didn;t.

    Well, they aint making Popes like him anymore :)