Monday, June 1, 2015

A Litany mentioning Rabbi Abraham Heschel

and a bunch of other non-Catholics


Apparently the rabbi is now a saint!

Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB (aka 'the Old Monk')
O Cosmic Christ,
in you
     and through you
     and for you,
all things were created;
in you
     all things hold together
     and have their being.

Through Teilhard de Chardin,
     scientist of the cosmos,
you imagined a new heaven and a new earth.
Through Teresa of Avila,
     charismatic leader,
you inspired a church of courage and wisdom.
Through Mahatma Gandhi,
     great soul,
you became nonviolent in the struggle for justice.
Through Catherine of Siena,
     fearless visionary,
you forged a new path for women.
Through Meister Eckhart,
     creative mystic,
you refused to abandon the inner light.
Through Hildegard of Bingen,
     greenness of God,
you poured out juicy, rich grace on all creation.
Through Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
     drum major of freedom,
you shattered racial barriers
     and freed dreamers to dream.
Through Anne Frank,
     writer and witness,
you preserved goodness in the midst of great evil.
Through Cesar Chavez,
     noble farmworker,
you transformed the dignity of human labor.
Through Harriet Tubman,
     prophet and pilgrim,
you led the captives into freedom.
Through Vincent Van Gogh,
     artist of light,
you revealed the sacredness
     in sunflowers
     and in starry nights.
Through Thea Bowman,
     healer songbird,
you danced the African-American culture
into the Church.
Through Pope John XXIII,
     window to the world,
you awakened awareness to the signs of the times.
Through Mother Teresa of Calcutta,
     guardian of the unwanted,
you enfleshed a reverence for all life.
Through Thomas Merton,
     universal monk,
you explored the sanctity of every human search.
Through Mary Magdalene,
     apostle to the apostles,
you ordained women to proclaim the good news.
Through Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
     musician of Holy Mystery,
you bathed the world in beauty.
Through Julian of Norwich,
     anchoress and seer,
you showed the Mother image of God.
Through Dom Bede Griffiths,
     marriage of East and West,
you unveiled the divine face
at the heart of the world.
Through Joan of Arc,
     defender and protector,
you remained true to personal conscience
over institutional law.
Through Rumi,
     poet in ecstasy,
you illuminated friendship as mystical union.
Through Maura Clarke and Companions,
     martyrs of El Salvador,
you rise again in the hopes of the dispossessed.
Through Rabbi Abraham Heschel,
     Hasidic sage,
you answered our search for meaning
with wonder, pathos for the poor, and Sabbath rest.
Through Dorothy Day,
     pillar of the poor,
you recognized holiness as bread for the hungry.

O Cosmic Christ,
in your heart
all history finds meaning and purpose.
In the new millennium,
     in the celebration of jubilee
help us find that which we all seek:
     a communion of love
     with each other
     and with you, the Alpha and Omega,
          the first and last,
          the yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
          the beginning without end.
Mohandas Gandhi is a saint too!


  1. I very briefly visited this 'Monastery of the Heart' site. I didn't see a crucifix. I didn't hear the word "Catholic" or "Catholicism".
    I did see a video about 'prayer' wherein a shemale voice sang: "everything on earth is filled with sacred presence....let us bow down and worship" I'm not sure if they mean to bow down and worship their own navels...since everything on earth is filled with 'sacred presence'.
    Also, in a queer sort of way, this intro to prayer video dwells upon time --the 'presence of God (or perhaps 'god'?) in time, in this time, in my regular as movement of the clock, ...pulse..rhythm..drumbeat....'
    The planet Saturn was/is worshipped by occultists/new agers as 'Father Time. There are many interesting you tube videos about Saturn rising, etc.
    In addition, I learned that 'care of the soul and care for the world are equal concerns'. And that in this 'monastery of the heart' they 'pray to become more of a sign of the mind of God (or god[s]) today, ..more than we were yesterday.' That's a pretty tall order right there, to become a sign of the mind of God..whew! I'll leave that to these 'in tune with Father Time' gals.
    On their 'introduction to community' page, the womyn share a video where we see a photo of the earth from earth's orbit and we are sung to again about 'how beautiful of brothers and sisters to imagine a new world'. Hm, where have I heard that before?
    Also, community 'begins with me and comes back to me' and 'takes many shapes'. The womyn want the 'spirit of community' to 'spread like a holy plague throughout the world.'
    Gee, I don't know, but doesn't the word 'plague' carry alot of baggage? Perhaps the words 'holy jelly' or 'holy butter' wouldn't be quite as frightening and they are substances one can spread.
    They need to call Maximilian Krah to get better p.r. and communications advice.

  2. And people still believe the "novus ordo" is Catholic!?!?UNBELIEVABLE!