Thursday, June 18, 2015

For those who want to read it, Laudato si'

The public relations machine is in overdrive for this piece of recycled propaganda.

GloBULL warming is an ethical problem

The official text only differs from the draft in three parts:

POSTSCRIPT - The comparison of the official text made ​​public at noon on Thursday, June 18th and the early text expressively are only three small variations.
The first is in paragraph 57, about the damage that wars cause to the environment, the more enormous "when thinking about nuclear energy and biological weapons." The latter expression has become the definitive text: "When you think qiuelle biological and nuclear weapons."
The second is at the beginning of the first of the two final prayers, where the invocation "Lord Almighty" has become "God Almighty".
And the third is still in the same prayer, where the invocation "Father of the poor" has become "O God of the poor".
In everything else the two texts are identical, even in the layout.
source: Seventh Heaven by Sandro Magister

The scientific debate is closed. Now, it's about morality!

Francis has been doing his part to save the environment by recycling old failed ideas from Marxists, big bankers, the Talmud, communists, lefties, rabbis, tree-huggers, socialists, freemasons, one-world government supporters, etc... into his pontificate.

Oh, and don't forget to remember to put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat!


  1. ‘The most serious of the evils that afflict the world these days are youth unemployment"

    Maybe they can become "sex workers" for the fairysees (which would also provide the 'lonely' Team B elderly w/"companionship")...

  2. Pope Pius XII Address to Farmers: Tillers of the Soil
    A Truly Catholic treatment of land, farm and family

  3. 175....."there is urgent need of a true world political authority"

  4. Ah yes, the Vatican rent boys.

    Seattle Kim

  5. Just a thought Ummm Just how much "Creation" Is Pope Francis destroying in the Papal Jet, etc globetrotting throughout the world. Just say'in

  6. The Frankophiles like "Fr" Z play up a few snippets of orthodoxy in this ghastly pagan-type political encyclical ignoring all the statements that all the One World Govt and One World Church useful idiots will continually emphasise. These liberal modernists are such a creepy group of subversives.

  7. Some say that recycling uses more energy and resources than just throwing stuff in the garbage. It certainly has increased the profits of the garbage companies. Shouldn't Francis have added that to his anti-capitalist rants?