Thursday, June 11, 2015

Obama loves nuns and thanks Sister Carol Keehan and the Catholic Health Association for their essential role in helping get big insurance's legalized robbery known as OBAMACARE passed

Obama thanks Sister Carol Keehan

the full remarks of Obama

Obama also thanks the Catholic Church for giving him his start in politics and later quotes Francis!



  2. If ever two creatures were meant to love each other, it is Sister Carol and Chicago Jesus.

  3. What Barry Soetoro-Obama meant to say is that he 'loves' post Vatican II 'nones' (aka nuns) of the institutional church because he loves their 'steadfast commitment' to the Marxist-globalist-pantheist agenda. Catholic health care used to be 2 words which meant inexpensive hospitals and clinics where actual Catholic nuns, trained as nurses, performed all of the nursing tasks and where some conversions to the Faith actually happened - unlike the 'mother' Teresa type 'nuns' who leave people in the darkness of idolatry while handing them a bowl of mush as the day's rations.

    My experience of 'hope' and 'change' and the Un-affordable Healthcare Act is to have the privilege of paying just shy of $1K per month for abysmal 'healthcare' coverage for 2 people, which covers next to nothing because of a 5K deductible, and which doesn't include any holistic/naturopathic medicine whatsoever. Why would it? After all, insurance isn't meant to protect the populace; it's meant to enrich the few, while ensuring the majority lives only long enough to continue to pay taxes into the system.

    Hope and change, inter alia, means never being able to say 'no' to a contract to which the powers-that-be have decided you will be a party. After all, the 'supremes' told us the Un-affordable Healthcare Act is a tax, not a contract.

    When the secular government thanks the Catholic (sic) church for helping to pass legislation which amounts to, a tax, as defined by the mendacious & Noahide judicial branch of the government, even the dumbest of the dumb must have a sneaking suspicion that things aren't quite right. But alas, I may be assigning them more credit than is their due.

  4. I was thinking a fitting punishment for Killer Keehan would be to have her head shoved up "the president's" anus and a scissors stabbed into the base of her skull and her brains sucked out -- but then I realized she'd already rec'd this punishment. I pray that like the prodigal son, she will return to her senses before she dies and burns in hell for all eternity --w/the rest of the hags at Elizabeth Seton High School who can't pray in front of the local abortion clinic during 40 days for Life, probably because the local abortionist got his start at the Daughters of "charity's" Providence Hospital (sort of like Killer Obaama).

    Providence Hospital
    Residency, Transitional Year, 1973–1976

    St Joseph Hospital
    Internship, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1972–1972

    Killer Keehan was presiding over abortion and the killing of the elderly long before Obama Care. But ObamaKill has made it official. I had 2 aunts and an uncle starved to death in a Catholic Nursing home in Philadelphia between 2006-2008 that Kaput has since sold (so he can have more time for bowling and promoting "non-traditional" families or throwing children to sodomites!) My nephew who graduated from med school last year told my sister when she asked him about something that might be wrong w/my mother who was 84 at the time that it didn't matter my mother shouldn't go to the doctor because they wouldn't treat her because of her age (what he probably meant was that they would KILL her because of her age). Meanwhile as a state of maryland employee, I have been told that the state has passed a "wellness program" which means I have to meet w/a doctor and fill out some survey they have put together by September-- or I face fines (as do all state employees). Smokers are being given incentives to take cessation classes or they face fines and the latest email is about work weight watchers. The state will pay up to $150 for employees to take join work weight watchers but no doubt those who are overweight will face fines shortly. Imagine if an insurance company had done this before ObamaKill. Soon they will be taking our DNA etc.

    P.S. Obama isn't the only politician the (Fairy Bull Dyke) "Catholic" Church has sponsored. Kennedy, Kerry, Ferraro, Panetta, Mikulski, Cuomo (Fr & Son), Pelosi, O'Malley, Brown, all the scum that has been pushing abortion and faggot 'rights' for the last 50 years -- have been sponsored (and educated) by the same perverts.

  5. Mass Murder Nazis Keehan, Obama & Harry Reid will have a field day not to mentionTeam B Sodomites Bergoglio, McCarrick, Lynch (T Schiavo's murderer & Keehan cheerleader w/McCarrick, Hickey, Wuerl et al) Danneels, Bonny, and Barros!

    Wonder how long before Olmsted 'resigns' w/Benny FatRat to his million dollar golf course -- all on the backs of the "poor"!

    God doesn't decide - the scum that becomes millionaires off "helpin' the poor" -- decides who they will murder for their convenience and screw for their pleasure!
    So sick and tired of this scum at the top of the 'catholic' church while so-called "Catholics" keep insisting that this is the Church of Jesus Christ conferring true sacraments (like how blind, deaf & dumb can they possibly be?).

    See the P.S. (Fairies and Bull Dykes together - sure both the "republican" boehner and the democrats were at the shake down)