Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's been 30 years!

Mahony's deposition on sodomite child abusers he shielded for years.

Thirty years ago today, Saint John Paul II appointed Roger Mahony to head the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Since that fateful day, the archdiocese has done nothing if not flourish with scandals, sex-crimes, illegal immigrates, sodomy, financial fraud, ad nauseam...  What can one say other than this archdiocese is suffering from the Fruits of Vatican II!


Francis & Mahony both love corruption.


  1. Are you guys sedevacantist? R&R? What? How come you call JP2 "Saint John Paul II"?

  2. Is it really so hard to understand irony in a text?

    1. Was this directed at my 10:04 comment?

    2. AT first anonymous from THIS anonymous - which is not number two - yes, I believe CMJ is sedevacantist by virtue of which we actually mean he is still a CATHOLIC for A CATHOLIC IS BOUND BY THE TRUE POPES PIUS II AND PAUL IV TO REJECT THE VATICAN II ANTIPOPES FOR WHAT THEY ARE - NON CATHOLIC USURPERS OF THE PAPAL SEE. Thus we PROTECT AND SUPPORT THE OFFICE OF THE PAPACY AND TAKE THE ONLY CATHOLIC STANCE POSSIBLE - everything else such as "recognize and resist" ad nauseum is NOT Catholic and will lead to spiritual schitzophrenia, insanity, loss of Faith, compromise, etc etc and thus fufills Our Lord's prophecy about when He returns, think Ye, He will find FAITH - THEREFORE MEANING HIS CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC FAITH - left on earth? Of course they mean in a gallows humor sort of way "Saint" Jp2!. Let's not forget Mahony's syncretistic doors at this cathedral to the Holy Virgin he has - didn't it have a snake sidewalk outside or something? As one cleric said about Paul VI, the "pope speaks for the right and acts for the left and actions are what count." The same could be said for Ratzie and Jp2 and all the rest when they make overtures to placate and pacify the 'conservatives' who are the slow cooking frogs in the antichrist's pot and do not recognize that these who have preached another gospel than that which was preached for 2000 years are not Catholic in spite of their having stolen the clerical costumes and robes that only CATHOLICS are supposed to wear.

  3. The dark side forces of hell and satan will surely fail in their endeavors to corrupt the one true church. Novus Ordo numbers will continue to dwindle while the numbers of the one true church will rise once again. No-one will want to be a part of the novus ordro once this tree of the damned fully bears its rotten fruit. We will see true believers flock to places like the most Holy Family and more novus ordo priests will denounce their ordination and the ways of the damned.

  4. JP II also appointed Cardinal Bernadin and withdrew law to a comfy sinecure in Rome to avoid his summons to American justice following his complicity in clerical pedophile abuse. he also had a major role in protecting Marcinkus and so it continued. No wonder his 27 year papacy with all of its outrageously scandalous ecumenical propagandising was ignored in the post-1984 postmodernist Con-anisation process. Maloney is yet another festering sore for this corrupt declining post-conciliar regime.