Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Vatican City State post office commemorates 70th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz with aerogramme

Aerogramme reads from left to right:
Auschwitz, 70 years from liberation, &
10 anniversary of the Day of Remembrance

"Those who deny the Holocaust are crazy!"


  1. Those who keep harping on about it are obsessed.

  2. Meanwhile, 100,000 babies are being murdered a day in the womb worldwide (that's 6 million every 60 days)-- and guess what? Jews in the U.S are 93% in favor of abortion.

  3. W/Fairy Team B fully implementing VC2 let's be honest that VC2 promoted abortion just like it did sodomy. Fairy Cushing worked w/Planned Parenthood in 1965; in 1972 "VC2 catholic" Sarge Shriver ran w/'acid, amnesty and abortion' McGovern (and now that VC2 church wasn't opposed abortion was legalized by fiat 2 days after Nixon's 2nd inauguration 1.22.73); and VC2 Fairies like P6, Bernardin, McCarrick and Hesburgh have been in cahoots and 'spiritually directing' pro-aborts Pelosi, Kennedy, Biden, Cuomo from the beginning (and laughing all the way to the bank, like PF).

    "Running in 1976, Sarge made clear his determination to do all in his power to limit abortions while opposing a constitutional amendment and promising to uphold the law of the land. Later, when the nuclear arms race heated up in the early 1980s, Shriver invited important national security figures... with a few thoughtful friends like Fr. Bryan Hehir."

    Why is Obama striking conscience provisions? "In 2010, Bryan Hehir also spoke at Boston College on a panel with a partial-birth abortionist about Catholic Conscience exemptions, and never even mentioned the word “abortion.” Here’s what he said. “If you think of the conscience clause protecting the professional, then you have to think about access to service on the part of clients of various kinds, patients, or clients of social service agencies." Just to be clear, this “access to service” described by Fr. Hehir meant abortion, but he never stated that. Instead, this senior Archdiocesan official said Catholics should “have to think” about how the woman will get access to abortion services."

    "working with the Rockefeller Foundation and Planned Parenthood to promote population control. ...Because overpopulation was a top concern of ... Hesburgh, he hosted annual meetings at Notre Dame, sponsored by Notre Dame endowment contributors — the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. Representatives from Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Population Council... attended with the goal to “create an oppositional voice within the Catholic Church on family planning.” ... Hesburgh and John D. Rockefeller also unsuccessfully lobbied Pope Paul VI to change the Church’s teaching against contraception. ...When Cuomo was invited to give a speech in 1984 at Notre Dame by ... Hesburgh and ... Richard McBrien, the dissenting theologian he hired to lead the university’s theology department, Cuomo clarified his position on abortion...with the argument that Catholic politicians can claim to be “personally opposed” to abortion but are unwilling to “impose their values” on others...Hesburgh hailed Cuomo’s speech as “a brilliant talk on religion and politics,”... which led to Notre Dame granting an honorary degree to President Obama whom many have aptly named the “Abortion President.”

    VC2 gave Obomination his start:

    Smoking bud Fairy Stenzel

    VC2 is the Abortion Church, just like it is the sodomite and pedophile Church. Those who continue inside it and promote as legitimate authority foul murderers and perverts who have stolen Jesus and substituted a changeling anti-Christ will not only be held accountable for worshiping the devil w/these perverse murderers but for their crimes also.