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Athanasius Schneider wants to recognize the FSSPX

...paging Michael Voris!

Michael Voris...
"While we were in Rome last month, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of the most faithful bishops in the worldBishop Athanasius Schneider. He has made a point of traveling the world and insisting on fidelity to Church teachings.

And he isn’t afraid to call out problems and speak to the severe consequences that flow from a lack of fidelity."

Michael on the FSSPX...

'Interfaith' Schneider

Athanasius Schneider...
Adelante la Fe: Your Excellence has recently visited the SSPX [seminaries] in the United States and France. We know it was a “discreet” meeting but, can you make an evaluation for us of what you saw and talked with them about? What expectations do you have of a coming reconciliation and which would be the main obstacle for it?

Mons. Schneider: The Holy See asked me to visit the two [seminaries] of the SSPX in order to conduct a discussion on a specific theological topic with a group of theologians of the SSPX and with His Excellency Bishop Fellay. For me this fact shows that for the Holy See the SSSPX is not a negligible ecclesiastical reality and that it has to be taken seriously. I am keeping a good impression of my visits. I could observe a sound theological, spiritual and human reality in the two [seminaries]. The “sentire cum ecclesia” of the SSPX is shown by the fact that I was received as an envoy of the Holy See with true respect and with cordiality. Furthermore, I was glad to see in both places in the entrance area a photo of Pope Francis, the reigning Pontiff. In the sacristies there were plates with the name of Pope Francis and the local diocesan bishop. I was moved to assist the traditional chant for the Pope (“Oremus pro pontifice nostro Francisco…”) during the solemn exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. 

To my knowledge there are no weighty reasons in order to deny the clergy and faithful of the SSPX the official canonical recognition, meanwhile they should be accepted as they are. This was indeed Archbishop Lefebvre’s petition to the Holy See: “Accept us as we are”....

...When the SSPX believes, worship and conducts a moral [life] as it was demanded and recognized by the Supreme Magisterium and was observed universally in the Church during a centuries long period and when the SSPX recognizes the legitimacy of the Pope and the diocesan bishops and prays for them publicly and recognizes also the validity of the sacraments according to the editio typica of the new liturgical books, this should suffice for a canonical recognition of the SSPX on behalf of the Holy See. Otherwise the often repeated pastoral and ecumenical openness in the Church of our days will manifestly lose its credibility and the history will one day reproach to the ecclesiastical authorities of our days that they have “laid on the brothers greater burden than required” (cf. Acts 15:28), which is contrary to the pastoral method of the Apostles.

Read the rest of the excellency interview here (for English, scroll to the end of the Spanish language version). 
source: Rorate Caeli, Bishop Athanasius Schneider: "there are no weighty reasons in order to deny the clergy and faithful of the SSPX the official canonical recognition"

Here we have Michael Voris of Church Militant/The Vortex extolling Bishop Anthanasius Schneider as a stickler for fidelity to Church teachings.  Next, a video clip of Voris attacking the FSSPX.  It was only back in 2012 when Mr. Voris had Louie Verrecchio on to talk about the FSSPX on his show Catholic Forum.  What happened?  Mike ran out of money for his Real Catholic TV (which later was re-branded Church Militant) and in stepped Terry Carroll to save the day.  Plus a clown named Paul Nicholson, who is an Opus Dei affiliated priest, lends Mike spiritual support.   And then today Rorate Caeli publishes their interview with Schneider and he says the FSSPX should be given "official canonical recognition, meanwhile they should be accepted as they are."  Remember this is the same Schneider who is a false conservative who participates in interreligous dialogue but Mr. Voris extols!  What's next Mike?  Will it be another purge of videos from your website?  Is Schneider now persona non grata at Church Militant?

Don't you hate it Mike, when that happens?

The above mentioned Athanasius Schneider and Paul Nicholson.

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