Saturday, August 8, 2015

Francis contra Michael Voris

Francis & Amazing Grace


Michael Voris on Amazing Grace

Has the cat got your tongue today Mike?

*Amazing Grace was written by John Newton who was a slave trader, a tax collector, an Anglican priest, a husband, a writer, an abolitionist, and a hymnist among many things.


  1. It is a Protestant song for sure, but Voris is wrong, we are wretch's. The definition of wretch is "an unfortunate or unhappy person".
    "Amazing Grace" is pretty especially when my son plays it on the bagpipes, but definitely not for Mass.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Voris, excellent analysis. I cringe every time I hear this protestant song, even when sung by the great Andrea Bocelli. Looks to me like ecumenical revolutionary-bent Francis-Bergoglio really enjoyed this heretical sentiment filling the air space on what is, um, was, Catholic territory.

  3. Who does Voris suggest is responsible for American Catholic 'accommodation of Protestantism?' Shortly prior to Vatican II, Bishop Sheen became one of the most famous television celebrities in the U.S. by teaching Catholic theology. Fr. Coughlin had the most popular talk radio show in the U.S. The U.S. was becoming more Catholic by their influence and others'. The interruption of this trend came from Judaic organizations and from within the Church hierarchy, not from the people.

    But relative to the problems of our time, Voris is straining at a gnat in this video. It's not helpful. There are far more important matters fundamental to understanding how we got where we are and how to get out.

  4. Andrea Bocelli is a divorced and remarried scumbag sAint catholic.

    The hypocrisy of these fairysees (and their scribes and even those who pretend to be criticizing them (not one has reported on the infamous evil sodomite David Geffen being invited to the Vatican--just Oprah)) is beyond belief. Why doesn't the stinking whited sepulcher invite his adulterous catechist sis and her fornicating bastards (as well as resurrect his dead (not) protestant brother) and his numerous other whore family to the Vatican and hold hands and sing "amazing grace" w/them? Why does he treat them like they're excommunicated ? How come NYT, rocco & ms winters & ms fisher or the nat'l catholic reporter or Crud Allen or even sandro magister, the remnant or catholic family news call the scum bag on it? Too busy makin' money (or fame) off the devil.

    1. Amen. And you can add Latin Mass magazine.