Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Francis' silence on abortion is deafening

Another video was released by The Center for Medical Progress today and more silence from the Vatican.  Bre Payton a staff writer at The Federalist writes about the video in her article, Fifth Video Exposing Planned Parenthood Released, better than we at Call Me Jorge... ever could, so her full entry is below.

Employees pull a 20 week old twin baby out of the freezer, and sift through second trimester baby organs in a petri dish.
The Center for Medical Progress released a fifth video today exposing Planned Parenthood’s organ trafficking scheme. In the video, lab technicians are seen sifting through second trimester baby organs, and pulling a 20-week-old twin baby out of the freezer, among other revelations.
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Research Director Melissa Farrell explains to investigators posing as organ buyers that she has 6 abortion clinics that perform abortions on babies after 16 weeks.
Stem cell harvesting companies like Stem Express aren’t the only ones collecting aborted babies for research. In the video, Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast says that many abortionists frequently keep the bodies for their own research.
Farrell is seen negotiating the cost of charging more money for “intact fetal cadavers,” and how she would justify those increased costs in accounting terms. She also explains that organs from older babies are worth more because there’s more paperwork and administrative effort involved.
“It’s all just a matter of line items,” she said.
Organs from intact, older babies are apparently in high demand. Other buyers are taking livers, brain matter, bone marrow from 16-22 week old babies, Farrell said. After looking at her computer, she said that one client has asked for 120 samples from these older babies.
Towards the end of the video, the investigators are taken into the pathological laboratory, where an employee pulls the remains of a 20-week-old twin out of a freezer, and fishes through the organs in a strainer over the sink. With forceps, the employee holds up a liver and lungs.
“Like I said, the organs come out really really well, almost intact” a lab technician said.
A large severed limb is pulled out of the petri dish where the other mangled remains lay.
Another lab technician explains that the cooperation of the mother is crucial to getting intact organs. Though they are consciously sedated, mothers often reach their maximum pain tolerance, which requires the abortion doctors to rip apart the baby more in order to get it out.
“If they’re completely relaxed, it’s easier not to do so many passes with the forceps,” she explains.
Because of the difficulties with aborting older babies, the lab technician explains that they will lay all of the parts out on a table and make sure that everything has been pulled out of the mother before they seal it up in a plastic bag.
WARNING: The video embedded contains graphic content after the 9:45 minute mark.

Where is the outcry from Francis or the Vatican or any bishops of the church?  The deafening silence is leading one to conclude that they like the mainstream media are complicit in these most grievous sins.  Isn't abortion representative of the disposable (throw-away) culture Francis is always droning on and on and on about?  Does the cat have your tongue Jorge?  Or are your words nothing more than feel good blather? 


  1. When you consider the command of St. Peter, "Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5:8) And that Jesus said: "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) You will see it is not men, but demons and principalities we fight against - and whom our society now worships (as statues of demons being raised in Detroit etc. attest).

    VC2 of course. Supposedly they say "life begins at conception" but just comparing the Code of Canon Law 1917 to the 1983 JP2 "sanctity of life" scum pit's revision shows the truth:

    (1983) "Can. 871 If aborted fetuses are alive, they are to be baptized insofar as possible."

    (1917 when pictures of life in the womb were unknown): Canon 746 (1) no one should be baptized in the womb as long as there is hope he can be baptized correctly outside of it.
    (2) if the head of an infant is exposed and there is imminent danger of death let him be baptized on the head, later if he is delivered alive he should be baptized again under condition.
    (3) if another part of the body is exposed and death is imminent let him be baptized under condition thereupon, and then if he survives birth, he should be baptized under condition again.
    (4) If a pregnant mother dies, and the fetus is delivered by those who do such things, and if he is certainly alive he should be baptized absolutely, if there is doubt, under condition.
    (5) A fetus baptized in the womb should be baptized again under condition after.

    "Canon 747 Care should be taken that aborted fetuses are baptized at whatever time they are born. if they are alive, baptized absolutely; if there is doubt, conditionally.

    "Canon 748 Deformed or abnormal fetuses should be baptized at least under condition; if there is doubt as to whether there is one or several humans, one should be baptized absolutely, the others under condition."


  2. "Mother's Manual" by Fr. Coomes, pub 1946, p 143-6: "In case of premature delivery, the fetus, no matter at what stage of pregnancy, should be baptized unconditionally if life is certain; it should be baptized conditionally if life is doubtful. Any motion on the part of the premature fetus may be taken as a sign of certain life. Lack of motion however (as shall be seen) is not a sure sign of death. [proceeds to give formula for conditional baptism].
    "If the fetus when it is delivered is enclosed in membrane. THESE MEMBRANE SHOULD ALWAYS BE BROKEN by holding them between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and tearming them open so that Baptism may be conferred directly on the premature child.
    "For a fetus delivered in the early stages of pregnancy, Baptism by immersion is a surer and better method.
    "The manner of administration by immersion is as follows: When the membrane has been broken, the fetus is completely immersed in water and withdrawn WHILE the person who is baptizing pronounces the words of Baptism.
    "If immersion in such cases is not immediately possible, rather than permit a dangerous delay, the water may be poured directly over the whole fetus that has been exposed by the tearing of the membrane. Mothers cannot be too well instructed in this matter of Baptism. In the case of a miscarriage or in any danger of death for an unbaptized child, they should either endeavor to have the Baptism performed by others or should perform it themselves.
    "Those who attend a pregnant woman at the time of a miscarriage or a hemorrhage should be on the alert to detect a fetus in any discharge that takes place and to perform the necessary Baptism. An actually decaying condition of the fetus is the ONLY CERTAIN SIGN of its death. In all other cases therefore at least conditional Baptism should be given even though there is no sign of life whatever."

    Catholic Church used to have a protocol on when premature baby had to be named and buried. Now the state, hospital and parents are in charge:
    Now the Catholic Church encourages to 'distract' our relatives while we assist the govt & nursing home/hospital/hospice starve them to death (same as how VC2 distracts the sheep while starving them to death). Or declares 'conservative' champion Pell, you can drug them to death as long as you declare it's for the pain! German Cardinal Marx champion of 'communion' for those dead in adultery, declares 'brain death' is the time that we can start havesting our relatives/neighbors 'organs' to use for ourselves.