Sunday, August 2, 2015

Is Francis officially going to condone LGBT behavior soon?

Christopher Hale recently wrote an article for Time Magazine which starts off with,

Over the last two years, the Catholic Church has become more open to welcoming the LGBT community

and then expound upon several points,
1. Pope Francis said that God doesn’t condemn LGBT individuals — Sept. 30, 2013

2. Pope Francis suggested the church could be open to civil unions — March 5, 2014

3. The Francis effect goes global — Summer of 2014

4. The Synod on the Family’s interim report affirmed the “gifts and qualities” of LGBT individuals — October 2014

5. The pope began a series of meetings and dialogues with LGBT individuals and activists — 2015

Reading the writing on the wall, we believe Francis is going to sneak LGBTs and their immoral behavior into the church as being perfectly acceptable. After all, "Who am I to judge?"

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  1. Sure as Wuerl said, "it's the law of the land" and those tax dollars can't be turned down -- at least not by vain fairysees whose God is their (fatter and fatter) belly. It's rather moot anyway since almost every state where sodomite "marriage" became legal it was pushed by "catholics" --sort of like abortion, the 'borkers' were Catholics Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy (same w/the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill crucifixion) and also the F.A.C.E. act which made free speech a felony when it occurred at an abortion clinic. In NY the deciding vote for sodomite marriage was a knight of columbus and the governor pushing it was Catholic (same in MD, WA state etc.). The stench of blood and shit is breast high and yet so many who call themselves "faithful" continue to associate themselves w/these greedy, perverse baby butchers and child rapists. Of course, they all declare the N.O. mass to be perfectly valid too (and most attend it!)!