Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Francis' support of the invading Moslem Army

"Everyday survival instincts, lifestyle advice and considerations formed on a patriotic and national basis, and the opinions put forward as a result, are not present in the Vatican, but we must enter this battlefield too and we must win."
— Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán —

the Moslem Army of 'refugees' invading Hungary

"Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who flee death from war and hunger, and who have begun a journey moved by hope for survival, the Gospel calls us to be “neighbours” of the smallest and the abandoned, and to give them concrete hope. It’s not enough to say, “Take heart. Be patient”.... Christian hope has a fighting spirit, with the tenacity of one who goes toward a sure goal.

Therefore, as the Jubilee of Mercy approaches, I make an appeal to parishes, religious communities, monasteries and shrines throughout Europe, that they express the Gospel in a concrete way and host a refugee family. A concrete gesture in preparation for the Holy Year of Mercy. May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every shrine of Europe welcome one family, beginning with my Diocese of Rome."
—Francis' 6 September 2015 Angelus Address —

The Moslem 'refugees' can fight the Hungarian police but not the jihadists in their native countries?


  1. Both the Prime Minister of Hungary and Bergoglio should tell Nato to stop meddling, once and for all, in the Middle East and, along with Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, causing murderous havoc. These two gentlemen should insist that Israel abide by all UN Resolutions and withdraw from all occupied lands, and guarantee Palestinian refugees the right of return.

  2. Did you ever see the Israelian wall in Jerusalem? Even worse than Berlin's one. UsIsra was founded to wipe out Palestinians and Christians from Middle East, nothing more, nothing less, now it's up to Giordania.

  3. Or what "anon" - the muslim horde will invade NATO countries and destroy property and attack innocent civilians? Who is to give ultimatum to Muslims to stop slaughtering Christians, destroying Christian churches and holy sites in their occupied territories/? When is the U.N. going to insist that Muslim countries (IRAN for instance) cease AT ONCE declaring their intention (including missle attacks on civilian cities) to destroy the U.N. created Israeli nation (Israel occupied territories after unprovoked attacks by coalitions of Muslim countries) and murder Jews? Let's have a guarantee from Syria and Africa that all the Muslim "refugees" have a right to return to wherever the hell they are invading Europe from! And that goes for the South American 'refugees' as well!

  4. If Israel had acted differently in the past many of the problems we now experience would not exist. Bu the Palestinians have not been well treated by the Gulf States. Regarding the issue of fighting migrant young men, exactly. I am surprised at how fit and well dressed they appear. Clearly, there are agitators in their midst to foment trouble.

  5. Count on it, the Israeli insurgency (IS) has asset among the migrant invasion