Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Noahide Laws will be imposed through war...

...with the battle cry of "I call upon you in peace!"


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  1. So their "messiah," Their "King of Israel" - i.e. the ANTICHRIST as our Lord said to them WAY back in Holy Writ - the guy that comes in his own name that they will accept - is going to push this down - and beheading is the punishment for those who don't go along with the seven laws - remember Ratzinger endorsed these.

    the punishment for anyone who believes in the Holy Trinity is beheading. Maybe this is why all the protestants and many novus ordoites are going around becoming Arians - saying that only God the Father is God and that Jesus is just His Son? You hear this ALL the time now on EWTN and on all the evangelical radio stations. Neo Arians all. Of course the fourth eucharistic prayer of the novus ordo missae/English ICEL translation is an Arian formula calling God the Father God alone. Prepping the flock for these things?

    Remember that those who deny our Lord here will be denied by Him before His Father in Heaven. Looks like we're getting close to the end here folks. Power has certainly been given to the beast to make war against the saints and to overcome them.