Thursday, November 12, 2015

Francis is doing his part in ensuring that the destruction of Christianity in Europe is complete

...Francis needs to put down his pipe and stop smoking the freemasonic crack.

Are these Moslem refugees going to turn into future Christians and future retirement system contributors or will they become the victorious proxy army occupying Europe for their masters?

I wish to encourage the pastoral work you carry out, despite the difficulties of the current moment, characterized by rapid changes in many spheres of human life and the challenge of globalization. In it they are found sometimes threats to nations less numerous, but at the same time also elements that can offer new opportunities. An opportunity, became a sign of the times, is the phenomenon of migration, which needs to be understood and addressed with sensitivity and sense of justice. The Church is called to proclaim and witness the reception of migrants in a spirit of charity and respect for the dignity of the human person, in the context of a necessary observance of legality.

Faced with the prospect of an ever-expanding multicultural environment, we must assume an attitude of mutual respect to favor the meeting. It is desirable that the Slovak people to maintain its cultural identity and heritage of ethical and spiritual values, closely linked to its Catholic tradition. So it can open without fear confrontation in the wider horizon continental and world, contributing to a sincere and fruitful dialogue, including on issues of vital importance such as the dignity of human life and the essential function of the family. Today more than ever it is necessary to illuminate the path of peoples with Christian principles, seizing the opportunities that the current situation offers to develop an evangelization which, with new language makes it easier to understand the message of Christ. Therefore it is important that the Church infuse hope, that all changes in the present turn into a renewed encounter with Christ, that push your people to real progress. The lay faithful, are called to animate temporal realities with the evangelical ferment, they can not refrain from operating even within the political processes aimed at the common good. To be joyful witnesses of the Gospel in every environment, they need to feel a living part of the Church. It is your task to recognize their own role in the life of the ecclesial communities, including as regards the development and implementation of pastoral projects.

I really appreciate what you are doing in favor of the family, who faces many difficulties and it is subject to many pitfalls. These efforts need to be accompanied by a full family ministry at the diocesan and national levels, including adequate guidance to families, even those not complete, especially if there are children. As part of the pastoral care of the family, it is necessary to exploit the young, the hope of the Church and society. Pulsates in them a strong desire to serve others and solidarity, which requires guidance and confidence of the pastors to become a living encounter with Christ, in a definite project of spreading the Gospel. In fact, despite the many enticements that invite to hedonism, mediocrity and immediate success, young people do not allow themselves to be easily intimidated by difficulties and are particularly sensitive to the commitment without reservations, when you present to them the true meaning of life. They therefore need to have from you a clear indication of doctrine and morals, to build the city of man in the city of God.

Boy this is rich, the man who believes, "proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense" wants Slovakia to welcome the Moslem invaders into their country and show the Islamic religion respect.  While the Slovaks are doing this they should be careful to keep their cultural identity and heritage because they can "evangelize" these same Moslem invaders and "build the city of man in the city of God."

Back in August 2015, the government of Slovakia agreed wisely to take in only Christians from war torn Syria and they capped the number at 200 people.  The bureaucrats of the European Union were not happy with this and demanded that Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, and Hungary take in 160,000 of the Moslem invaders for 2015.  Slovakia is a country of only 5.4 million people.  And what of the "family" values and "Catholic tradition" of the Slovaks which Francis extolled in his speech? According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD):
The number of children born per woman in the Slovak Republic is also low, at 1.41, compared to an OECD average of 1.74. Only 9 other OECD countries have lower fertility rates.
Doesn't sound like the typical Catholic family, consisting of two parents and five plus children of two generations ago, does it?  Amazingly, Slovakia is considered one of the least secularist countries in Europe.  This must be why Francis singled it out for special attention.  The Talmudists, international bankers, Moslems, and freemasons are all hell bent on seeing the last vestiges of Christianity in Europe destroyed and, it is safe to say, so is Francis.  The question is will the peoples of Europe wake up and begin practicing the Catholicism of their forebearers before it is too late or will the Pan-Europa nightmare co-created by Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi end as his life did by suicide?

Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi
A freemason (freemasonry is Kabbalah for gentiles),  married 3 times
to Jewesses, and father of the European Union.


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  1. The Bible calls for us to turn the other cheek when struck -- since Pope Francis is so into mercy, believe he should begin by volunteering w/his friends Danneels, Kasper and all the bishops he has appointed to go to Paris and be killed by the Muslim terrorists. Indeed I think he should bully 260 Bishop volunteers--perhaps those from Team B and who voted w/him at the Synod and perhaps even B16 & Gaswein since they're almost dead anyway to join them. I think killing 260 VC2 bishops might definitely convert Muslim terrorists into Christians (don't you?). Aw come on. Give it a chance. If the first 260 doesn't convert them, send 520 more. Be merciful! Until it works! Or the hierarchy is destroyed. Isn't that how modernists think? Only when they're feeding the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (or babies or old, sick people) to the lions.