Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mark Shea was right Elton John is preaching the 'gospel'

...of Francis!!!

It's only a matter of time until Dwight repents, gives up his
sinful ways, dresses like a man, and acts like one as well!

Back in 2014 on October 31st, Mark Shea used his column, (see, Elton John greatly admires Pope Francis) to chastise those scandalized by the growing admiration for Francis by all sorts of malcontents and degenerates.  Shea wrote Francis was just going onto,
“highways and byways and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame so that the wedding feast will be full.” 

Are you kidding Mr. Shea?  Actions like this from Francis who said,
“proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense.”

Shea finished his column with this
“Will those attracted to Francis’ beautiful witness and obvious holiness need to repent of things? Of course. Don’t we all? But here’s the thing (and the point Francis tried to make last year in his America interview): You don’t start a life of discipleship with a set of moral precepts. You start it by an encounter with a person. The *real* magnetic force in Francis’ life is Jesus Christ. It is for us to introduce a person like Elton John (or whoever) to Jesus so that they can begin to grapple with his astonishing person.
“–and why Francis is so very obviously a model for how we *should* be thinking about evangelism.” 

So what message has Sir Elton John been spreading in the media?

BBC Radio interviews Elton John

— excerpts of 5 November 2015 BBC Radio interview of Elton John

On African bishops opposing changing the doctrine of the church concerning sodomy one of the sins which cries out to heaven
“Keep going, keep pushing it. Change is very hard, especially within the Catholic Church, you don’t get things done immediately, you’re not going to persuade people, but you know change is just about keep going and keep going and suddenly in the end the wall will fall but he's got an enormous task. I don't envy him his job.  I think he’s on our side.”
Elton's not a Catholic but he would love to meet Francis 
“I would love to meet him. I’m not a Catholic but from the first day he was elected he tried to bring a new message and tried change the Church and bring it into the 21st century. And he said this should be an inclusive Church. And for me that was a good message for him to bring.  It was a message of hope and it was a message of change and I think in the 21st century we need some change from the church, every church and we need hope and I think he's a man  that passionately believes that this is a good message to bring.”
It appears to us at Call Me Jorge... that Francis and Sir Elton Hercules John are on the same team. The team which has perverted God's promise to Noé by usurping the rainbow as their emblem to symbolize their sinful ways.



  1. I think he is a sodomite also (if not a pedophile). Remember how he was hardly elected when all those rumors of sweethearts--which his sister first denied and then quoted his book (how jesuitical).

    [March 17, 2013]Q. When young, the Pope was very noviero?A. No, no, let's be clear. He never had a girlfriend.
    Q. And then Amalia, the woman who was his girlfriend and says that said, "If I marry you, I become a priest," who was it? A. I do not know, because it speaks of an age when they were very young. Today it is very common to hear children 12 and 13 with partner. At that time no. At that time nothing to do. I can not tell you precisely, I never met a girlfriend.

    [Two days later, March 19, 2013]Q. “When Jorge Mario Bergoglio grew up”, Olaf asked, “Was there a woman in his life?” A. Maria Elena answered: “In his book ‘The Jesuit’, he talks about when he made his choice to take holy orders. He was a normal young man, and, as he tells it, he had to choose between his love of a woman and his love of God. He was in love with a girl in the parish, and apparently she was in love with him too. The group had gone out to celebrate the first day of spring, September 21, and before going off to join the others he went into the church to say a prayer to the Virgin Mary, and he felt something. He said ‘I’m staying to talk to the priest’, and he never spoke to the girl again. He had found his calling.”
    “He enjoyed the company of young women. Indeed ACCORDING to his sister Maria Elena he was planning to propose to one of the girls at his school’s annual Student’s Day picnic [instead he goes into a church, meets a strange priest and decides to go to “confession” to him. Afterward the 17–year old Bergoglio goes home (can’t face the girl) and doesn’t do anything about becoming a priest for 4 years.]

    [12 aug 2015, nephew] Jose, the son of Maria Elena, the only living sister of Pope Francis, painted a portrait of his uncle the Pope as an adviser, the biggest joker of the family, and a lover of cooking, tango and football. He said Pope Francis had discovered his vocation on a spring day when on a picnic with friends. He had planned to declare his love to a girl he liked but went to the Church of San Jose del barrio of Flores in Buenos Aires, talked to the priest and "discovered that his true love was God." He never actually had a girlfriend

  2. Here is another version:

    “The letter was a figment of an old lady’s harmless imagination. ‘The sweetheart? The truth is she never existed.’” Page 80
    Here in Bergoglio’s own words, no girl, no picnic: “I looked and it was dark, a September morning, and I saw a priest coming towards me. I didn’t know him, he wasn’t from that church and then he sat down in the last confessional on the left facing the altar and then I don’t know what happened to me. Bergoglio continued: “I felt like somebody grabbed me from inside and took me to the confessional. I’m not sure what happened there, clearly, I must have confessed, but I don’t know what happened, and when I finished confessing I asked the priest where he was from because I didn’t know him,” he recalled.” He said, “I’m from Corrientes, and I am living near here in the rectory and I am going to celebrate mass here occasionally.” (see p 84-85) [what was he confessing to the priest (his “ssa”?), that made women out of the picture & priesthood his vocation – that didn’t materialize for 4 years.]

    Think he may have been abused/inducted at boarding school or by the "family priest":

    Here's an article about how he was a big womanizer also (w/his gang of 10 lads), but note the last sentences: "He said: 'Jorge was always one of us, a part of the group, he did everything that we did. We had a lot of fun together. We were a bunch of guys getting to know ourselves, the world, and girls. 'Our house parties were unforgettable. One night, we raided my sisters wardrobe and all dressed up in women's clothes. I put on a cloak to be Zorro, and Alberto and Jorge dressed up as a woman. We had no make-up so they painted their face with burned cork.' {also caption under the gang invite: Legendary: Oscar says the parties they used to throw - like the one which followed this invite - were unforgettable, and Jorge even once dressed up as a woman after the boys raided a cupboard}

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    Maybe he'll pose w/the rockettes to prove his manliness.

    1. We at CMJ can confirm that Jorge Bergoglio (aka Francis) never had a girlfriend. How did we find this out? From asking his sister and two nephews. We didn't have the bravado to ask if he (Francis) was a sodomite. Thanks for the quote from the book & the article. All signs point to him being a card carrying member of this club. Speaking of clubs, he was a bouncer at a tango club. According to Jorge Luis Borges tango clubs were a brothel houses. It all fits - mercy - for those who condone me (Francis) and swift - judgement - and rejection for those who don't.

  3. The priest conveniently died w/in a year so no way to get his version if he ever existed. Not sure if "Corrientes" has any significance. Funny Berg should ask him where he was from (like why not his name (?!) and only give that detail. That is an avenue in B.A. and also means "current"

  4. Why yes, Sir Elton will have his encounter and it will be with a man. Just not Jesus Christ.