Thursday, January 14, 2016

a new resource on Talmudic Judaism

We at Call Me Jorge... were sent a link today on Talmudic Judaism. It is a new website named We haven't had the time to check the entire contents of the website but what we have examined is a unique repository about the rabbis and their ‘holy’ books.  We have republished below the homepage as it gives a mission statement to the purpose of the site.  You can look at this website by clicking here.

Welcome to 
This site is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii.

This is an educational forum about Judaism and its effect on history, culture, and current events. The information has been carefully compiled, mostly from Judaic sources: the rabbis, their “holy” books, and Judaic, especially Israeli, media. As you can see for yourself, we offer some commentary, but much is in their own words. Many of the leads to primary sources are from the heavy lifting of those listed in the Further Educational Resources section. Our thanks and prayers go to them.

Internet hyperlinks are provided when available to allow readers to verify quotes and for research leads. The posting of a hyperlink or video does not imply  agreement with all linked content.  When webpages and videos draw attention, they are often taken down.

Since we are practicing Catholics, we work and pray for the conversion of all souls, so that allmay be saved. Only Truth leads to salvation.

Since we are practicing Catholics, we oppose all Master Race creeds and we oppose all crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity.

Please quote the materials here far and wide. Use this material to expose and defeat Satan and his synagogue.


  1. Thanks for posting

  2. They need to ponder on the fact their last Prophet was John the Baptist ,who pointed out Christ as the True Lamb of God .