Saturday, January 16, 2016

Do not covet the Talmudists ownership of the Vatican's theology nor Francis' visit to their synagogue.

Happy Day of Judaism!

Source: Italian Catholic Church, Day for the exploration and development of dialogue between Catholics and Jews

Tomorrow is the day!

Riccardo Di Segni on Francis, “We are waiting for a surprise.”

“Francis’s visit to the synagogue will be far closer to a family reunion precisely because the blessed new positive Catholic-Jewish relationship has become almost normative, and Francis is overwhelmingly seen as a true friend of the Jewish people, which indeed he is,” said Rabbi David Rosen, the American Jewish Committee’s international director for interreligious affairs.

Rosen added, “Three in Jewish tradition is a hazakah — that is, a confirmation. And now,” after this third papal visit, “it will almost be impossible for a pontiff not to visit the Rome Great Synagogue as well as to visit the State of Israel.”

source: Forward, Pope Francis To Visit Rome’s Great Synagogue Sunday



  1. I wonder whether Bergoglio will wear his Ephod on this auspicious occasion?

  2. You've forgotten the tefillim, wonder if Rabbi Disegni will ask the BoR to sweep out the prayer for the Jews conversion once for all......

  3. The rabbi is basically saying "The Vatican has officially been conquered by the Talmudic Zohar tribe"

  4. The 20 million control the billions!