Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A dictionary for understanding fifty of Francis’ meaningless soundbites

 The Vocabulary of Pope Francis: Endorsed (Written) by Fifty Great Journalists and Writers

We couldn't make this up if we tried!  Another installment straight out of absurdistan!   A book has been released explaining fifty of the catchphrases Francis loves to use.  Notice in the video below, the editor of the book, Fr. Antonio Carriero says,
“Pope Francis speaks with the style of a pastor and his language is so simple that it becomes accessible to everyone, young and old and in particular, the elderly.”

That statement is opposite what the narrator of the video said right before,
“The Vocabulary of Pope Francis”...is a comprehensive guide for those who wish to have a better understanding of how each of these words relates to the Holy Father.”

So which is it?   Is Francis’ language so simple that it’s accessible to all or do we need to have a comprehensive guide to better understand these phrases?

A sample of a few of the phrases in the book:
“peripheries of existence”
“throw away culture”
“don't be observers of your life”

It leaves us, here at Call Me Jorge..., to wonder will the book contain and explain our favorite Francis’ insult?
“self-absorbed promethean neopelagianism”


  1. Is coprophagia in there ?

  2. Is "Catholic" in there? This means 'the New Order One World Ecumenical Church of Many Paths to Love and the God of Surprises".
    How about "Vatican II"? This means 'a meeting at the Vatican during which the usurpation and theft of the true Catholic Church took place'.
    Is "Pope Francis" in there? This means 'Father of Lies, anti-Catholic revolutionary Marxist, Jorge Bergoglio'.
    Some words may not be in there because they have no meaning to the Bergoglian worshiping sect. Like maybe sin, penance, judgement, heaven, hell and so on.
    Does it have "written by a collaboration of Pope Francis scholars, Novus Ordo Doctors of the Church"? This means it was 'written by career sycophant propaganda ministers'.
    "Vocabulary of the Pope" means "Obfuscate!" which is a better title for the book in any case.

  3. 50 shades of Jorge

  4. Anti-Shepherd: A corrupt man masquerading as the Holy Father who's ultimate goal is to lead the flocks of Christ further away from the Church and closer to the pits of darkness.

  5. Tolerance: Total acceptance of all that is blasphemous and evil, especially when it has been forbidden by the Church of Christ.

  6. "All you need is love"